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Q: How is my application being processed?

A: Once your application form and supporting documents are received, it will be sent for evaluation. The One Academy will confirm your eligibility within 14 working days. Response time varies if your application/documents require a longer processing time e.g. awaiting certified true copies.

Successful applicants will receive the Offer Letter, Offer Response Form, Conditions of Enrolment, Fee Payment Form, Health Examination Report and Accommodation Form by Courier.

Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified in writing. Your portfolio and tuition deposit will be refunded.


Q: How much are my programme tuition fees and other payments?

A: Details regarding programme tuition fees, administration fee, support fee, personal bond, graduation fees and etc are attached together with the Application Form.

The successful applicant is required to settle the First Year’s payment in full and the International Students Insurance payment* to the college within the date stipulated in the Offer Letter. Payment should be made via telegraphic transfer to the college.

#Tuition fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. The estimated conversion rate is subject to change without prior notice.

*It is compulsory for International Students to purchase the International Students Insurance unless it is proven that other similar insurance coverage has been obtained for the period of studies.


Q: Are there any financial assistance provided to international students?

A: Very Limited. We strongly advise you to have sufficient funds or secure funding to cover tuition fees and living expenses during the entire course of your study here in Malaysia.


Q: How much money should I bring with me?

A: You should bring with you enough money to pay for your living expenses and art materials. This should be in the form of traveler’s cheques, cash, and/or bank draft. You may open a bank account upon your arrival in Malaysia.

Please contact SSD for further banking information.

There are 4 local banks located conveniently in the vicinity of The One Academy.


Q: Do I need an International Students Insurance?

A: It is compulsory for all International Students to subscribe to this International Students Insurance. It covers hospitalization and surgical expenses up to RM20,000*. Benefits* of this policy include outpatient GP treatment, ambulance services, reimbursement of tuition fees and medical evacuation expenses.

Payment of this insurance policy is to be made together with the tuition fees.

Students will be given a healthcare card with a 24-hour helpline printed behind. Cash is not required upon admittance. The hospital is responsible to call the Datalink for verification of the membership. Students will be admitted to the hospital without deposit.**

*Subject to change

**Terms and Conditions apply


Q: Can I stay off-campus?

A: For new international students, we highly encourage boarding at The One Academy’s hostel during their first semester, unless the students are able to substantiate that they will be living together with their guardian/parents in Malaysia. Each unit is furnished with complete amenities for the convenience of the occupants.

The One Academy’s Student Services Department (SSD) will assist the International Students who plan to seek off-campus housing. Options include shared apartments/ flats/ houses/ condominiums. These are by far the most affordable options. Please contact SSD for further information.


Q: May I work while I study?

A: For international students, there are strict rules on working in Malaysia and you are strongly advised to adhere to the regulations governed by the authorities.

Please approach your International Student Personnel from SSD regarding this matter.


Q: What about airport pick-up?

A: All new international students who come to The One Academy for the first time and who pass through the Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) will need the assistance of a representative from The One Academy. Please inform SSD FIVE (5) workings days* in advance for such service. This service is not available for students on social visit (tourist) pass.

*Pickup services are NOT available on Sundays and Malaysian public holidays


Q: Do all international students need a student pass?

A: Yes. This is a of Malaysian law requirement for the security of the country and passport holders residing in Malaysia.

We apply student passes on behalf of our students.


Q: Which body issues student passes in Malaysia?

A: The Immigration Department of Malaysia is the government body that issues this pass.


Q: What is the validity of a student pass?

A: The maximum duration is 1 year. We will renew the student pass for you throughout your studies here.


Q: What do I do when I have a new passport?

A: Your student pass will not be valid in the old passport. If you renew/change your passport, please bring your old and new passports to the International Student Personnel. We will assist you to transfer your student pass to the new passport.


  Q: Can I enter Malaysia using a social visit pass (tourist visa) before my Visa Approval
Letter (VAL) is issued from the Malaysian Immigration?

A: You can enter Malaysia using a social visit pass first. Your International Student Personnel will then convert your social visit pass to a student pass*. Please report to The One Academy as soon as possible. Any overstay fine will be borne by the student. The One Academy cannot be held responsible during the conversion of your social visit pass to a student pass.

*subject to immigration approval, rules differ between various countries


Q: Why might immigration not approve a student pass?

A: If a student holds an unhealthy track record in their former school/college/country, or holds an active student pass from a previous college/university in the Immigration Department’s database, it may affect the approval process.


  Q: If I have a student pass from a previous college/university, will I still need to apply for another pass when I enroll into TOA?  

A: Yes. A student pass applied under another college/univeristy is not valid when you transfer to us. We will apply for your new student pass under The One Academy.

(Note: Transfer students need to withdraw and obtain the Release Letter from their previous college/university.)