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TOA Students Uncover New Ideas At International Symposium 2012
Updated 2012-09-12

An academic excursion was carried out recently by a group of 18 participants including lecturers and students from the Institute Technology of Bandung to The One Academy in hope of building future collaborations as well as preparing students to communicate their ideas and works to foreign audiences.

A brief introduction of Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB); ITB was founded on March 2, 1959 and has been credited as one of the most reputable universities in Indonesia that offers courses in design, engineering, science and technology. Visit conducted by ITB’s School of Visual Communication Design Studies aimed at providing degree students from both colleges the chance to present their work to an international audience whilst gaining insights and discovering new ideas for their final year project.

The 1 day-long symposium was an inspiring learning opportunity for our Multimedia Design and Graphic Design & Illustration degree students to experience presenting works to audiences unfamiliar to them, a similar situation in which they will encounter in their future career life. The symposium served as an interactive knowledge sharing session between students by encouraging them to voice out thus justify ideas and concepts used in their works.

Besides, lecturers from both colleges have also benefited by participating in the symposium as they too were engaged in discussing best practices and teaching methodologies that will help in imparting knowledge to their students more efficiently.

Nurturing young talents through professional coaching and interactive sharing sessions is at the heart of what we do. At The One Academy, we recognize the importance to keep abreast with the latest changes by constantly initiating international symposium which aid elevating students confidence in presenting their ideas and works to foreign audiences.

Being a leading creative design educational institution, The One Academy strongly believes that event like this will not only help fostering regional collaborations but also assist in expanding students’ perspective in line with our idea thinking culture which emphasize on nurturing graduates who are capable of realizing their inner creative potential.