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Super Designers Of The Creative World!
Updated 2012-12-31

During the Malaysia Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) 6Belas Super Competition, innovative ID @ TOA students participated to compete against other colleges to produce super designs and be the most outstanding Super Interior Design students. A competition that is parallel to its theme, the competition aim to bring students’ creative minds to a higher level. Students were given a chance to create designs according to the concept of “Finding the OLD in the New”.

A myriad of exciting creative-related games and other activities were lined up for the students to partake. Part of the event also includes talks & sharing by industry professionals for students to learn from.

While holding the strong creative spirit to their hearts, the students also learned from their experience when they participated in the competition. There were 12 categories available for participation, and The One Academy students participated in 6 categories altogether, with a mixture of group and individual, also receive winnings for their creative effort.

The winners from individual entries are; Yoong Jeng Yih- first prize recipient of Super Sketch category, Tan Zhi Qin- first prize Super Shutter category, Yung Wai Lok- Top 10 recipient of Super Nippon category along with Loi Fui Teng, and Mason Cheng Ze Ming- second runner up of Super Hunt category. Among the categories, Super Hunt category is one of the outstanding entries based on the concept- “a race against time to reach the finish line”.

On the other hand, the group entries that also emerged as winners are for the category of Super Nova- first runner up with members- Koh Boon Ping, Lee Jun Yan, Yoong Jeng Yih, Cheok Pei Xuan, Deong Wen Dee and Teoh Vivian. The other first runner up group received was for the category Super Movie with members- Chia Yak Thuan, Au Pei Yen, Andy Lau and Lee Yong Pin.

To quote the event organizers; “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future. We hope that by aligning the students mind to the theme, students will eventually produce super-designs and continue to become super-designers.”

Whichever course a student majors in, The One Academy always encourages out-of-the-classroom learning experience; especially in events and competitions. This way, students are able to grasp international level of knowledge while engaging in teamwork exposure to attain a real world experience.