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Route Map to Success
Updated 2011-08-04
The One Academy's dedicated founder, principal and managing director, Tatsun Hoi was one of the many who walked the achievable pathway and successfully carried The One Academy's name with its philosophy No Empty Promises, Just World Class Results to soar high!

With over 20 years of experience, Tatsun Hoi is a successful creative entrepreneur who is passionate in art & design with a leading example of leadership qualities. As a creative leader himself, Tatsun strived to nurture young creative aspirants to have creative thinking skills & integrity to endure various challenges in their journey to success. He brings The One Academy Penang the knowledge and secrets of how to become the next leading creative achievement so that students may achieve the similar goal.

As an education role model, Tatsun also sets an example to all the students who are ambitious future creative achievers to pursue their dreams in a rewarding career in art. Tatsun's effort in providing the best for the students reflected in his sharing when he genuinely imparts his wisdom.

It was a priceless opportunity for The One Academy Penang students to have Tatsun, one of the pioneers in creative communication design and education to be there during the sharing. Multi-talented Tatsun is the recipient of the Outstanding Young Malaysian Award 2002 & Asia Young Chinese Entrepreneur Award 2003, Beijing's 2008 Olympic Games Creative Multimedia Consultant and President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PUMM). His renowned leading example has led The One Academy to be awarded The BrandLaureate Awards 2008, 2009 & 2010 - Best Brand in Education Creative Communication Art & Design.

To learn from the master is certainly an invaluable experience, since Tatsun values the philosophy of 'Masters Train Masters' which he often lives by. One of Tatsun's greatest achievements is his international collaborations with world-class creative industry experts from Hollywood Movies such as Toy Story 3, The Incredibles or Monsters, Inc. by Pixar Animation Studios, Star Wars prequels by Lucasfilm and Transformers by Industrial Light & Magic and other prominent exposures that he has constantly assured the knowledge in The One Academy creative students, aspirants and professionals in the booming art & design industry.

In the light of creative achievement, Tatsun's final emphasis is to always aim high because to achieve your dreams is possible just like how Tatsun has proved himself in steering The One Academy, one of Asia's top creative education institution to greater heights.