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D&AD Award A Timely Recognition For Exceptional Talent
Updated 2013-12-09
Delighted with the D&AD winning, Sanzose posed together with the certificate.

Having built a strong foundation in artistry under the top-notch education philosophy of Masters Train Masters, The One Academy students are constantly chosen for professional awards around the world. The recent winning of a Nomination in the D&AD New Blood Awards 2013 by Sanzose Tzong-Yee Chua, an Advertising and Graphic Design graduate, once again proves this.

Acclaimed to be the Oscar of advertising, D&AD Awards are coveted by professionals around the world. Organised by D&AD (Design & Art Direction), a British education charity with an aim to promote design excellence, submissions to the competition are based on real brands and judged by top creative experts. Sanzose’s project, named e.N°., is comprised of four meticulously crafted L'Artisan perfume bottles featuring love, passion, excitement and elegance respectively, as well as the accompanying elegant packaging design.

For Sanzose, a deep understanding of the brand helps in building stronger trust. Inspired by the company background and brand image, Sanzose reenvisaged the brand with elements from both the ancient Greek mythology as well as the modern electrocardiogram. Coupled with the sophisticated finishing such as spot UV and foil stamping, the design is full of symbolism and thus impressively unique.

The presentation boards detailing the designs of the L’Artisan perfume bottles as well as their rationales.

Sanzose attributed his mastery of artistic skills to the intensive training prescribed by The One Academy in line with the practical coaching approach. In addition, industry-driven syllabus as taught in The One Academy has compelled young designers to strike a balance between creativity and commercial sense, in order to produce commercially viable works that stands out among the rest.

Sanzose did encounter numerous challenges during the artwork creation, such as software breakdown, mental block, copywriting failure etc, but with perseverance he managed to overcome the obstacles by reading widely and staying true to the client's brand identity. As Sanzose had to manage two other projects apart from the D&AD submission concurrently, excellent time management was also a key factor contributing to the victory.

Besides studying his Master's programme in Graphic Design at London College of Communication, Sanzose currently also works as a textile designer in an haute couture label in London, and envisages to venture into the fashion graphic field upon completion of study. To accomplish great achievements, Sanzose advises all the peers to read widely, see a lot, hear a lot, and ask as many questions as possible, because it is important to keep in touch with the world!