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Clinching The Crowbar Award With Superior Editorial Design
Updated 2013-12-09
The batch of MM1005 of The One Academy clinched a Bronze medal at the Editorial Publication category of Crowbar Award 2013.

With a bilingual graduate exhibition handbook based on the principles of simplicity, refreshingness, tidiness and balance, the batch of MM1005 of The One Academy clinched a Bronze medal at the Editorial Publication category of Crowbar Award 2013, Singapore's most prestigious creative competition recently.

Choosing the theme NU, the batch of MM1005 wished to highlight the fact that 33 new creative talents hot from the oven of The One Academy are now ready to conquer the pinnacle of creative world, and what was a better platform to announce their emergence than a fantastic graduate exhibition?

Some of us are familiar with the concept of 'six degree of seperation', meaning any two persons in the world are six or fewer steps away, by way of friend's introduction. Borrowing the same theory for the NU1005 graduate exhibition, students proclaimed that by incorporating the six elements of Visual, Audiotory, Touch, Balance, Spirit and Network, a good design could be created to deliver any message or solve any problem.

Highlighting the speciality of each of the graduates, as well as their brilliant works, the NU1005 handbook comes in a clean and tidy design that reassures the readers of the students' aptitude. As revealed by Jim Chuah, one of the designers behind the handbook, the layout was revamped quite a number of times.

Under the impressive leadership of art director Sim Wu Zheng, the right balance of the bilingual text and images was struck after numerous attempts. By upholding the steadfast teamwork spirit, all obstacles were overcome. To peers aspiring to be top creative experts, the team shared that one must keep learning and be patient in every endeavour. Willingness to step out of the comfort zone and embrace risk will also be rewarded with sweet success.

Armed with the industry knowledge disseminated by experienced lecturers under the philosophy of Masters Train Masters, the batch of MM1005 will certainly surprise the world with creative multimedia solutions. The recent triumph in Crowbar Award is yet another testimony to The One Academy's industry driven syllabus and practical coaching approach indeed!