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No Limits With Creativity!
Updated 2013-12-09
Class of 1998 Illustration major, Vince Low is a Dyslexic. Him and his artwork became the main inspiration in an award-winning poster for Malaysia’s Dyslexia Association.

Vince Low is a Dyslexic. He is a gifted & successful Head of Illustrator from Grey Kuala Lumpur; him and his artwork became the main inspiration in an award-winning poster for Malaysia’s Dyslexia Association. His intricately sketched illustrations became the center of attention, enabling him and his team at GREY to seize GOLD at the Effie Awards Malaysia 2013.

Entitled “Dyslexia Couldn’t Stop Me”, the Dyslexic project was an awareness campaign, with 3 portraits featuring iconic minds who happened to be dyslexic themselves, such as Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein and John Lennon. Because of himself as dyslexic, Vince personally invested in the poster and showcased his sketches.

As an illustration major from the class of 1998, Vince started his career in other areas because he wanted to develop new knowledge and skills in the advertising industry. Instead of pursuing an artist career immediately, he joined an agency as Graphic Designer.

With willingness to learn and staying passionate to maintaining a work-life balance, Vince climbed the career ladder and became an Art Director, followed by a Creative Group Head. But today, he answered his inner-artist voice and emerged as a successful Illustrator at GREY Kuala Lumpur while leading a team of young artists and designers.

As a creative leader, Vince strongly believed that we should take initiative to update ourselves with various techniques, even if it is outside of our job scope. Not only will this enhance our forte, but it will expand our attitude towards life and career-approach.

“Whenever I hire a fresh graduate, I would hire a graphic designer for an artist position and encourage an artist to take on a graphic designer’s task. I am constantly motivating them to “switch roles” and learn from each other’s job scope,” said Vince.

He also said that this initiative came from his past experience as an inferior young student. “That is why a change of mindset is very important. It plays a big part in your life and makes a difference to your life & career development,” he added.

Besides winning the Gold Effie Award, Vince is also a recognized independent artist too. His artwork has received numerous positive feedbacks from fans all over the world, and has been invited to exhibit his artworks in various countries. Alongside with his top-notch team of advertising professionals, Vince has also won the Gold Pencil of ONE Show, USA.

When asked what sort of experience he has gained in the creative industry, Vince answered that among all the experiences, he has always remembered one life lesson advice from Principal Tatsun Hoi, he said “First, develop the willingness to learn everything, because from there, others would start to believe in your and would be willing to teach you.”.

Truly a world class result!