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Creative Mindsets For Excellence
Updated 2013-12-09
Madam Teoh introduces creative thinking exercises known to help individuals learn to think outside the box.

Highly experienced Madam Teoh Pow Yew is a professional trainer specializing in Creative Thinking, Mathematics and training creative trainers. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, Madam Teoh visited The One Academy to help our creative students to not only develop creativity, but to unravel creative boundaries.

As children we are naturally creative with an interest to learn. Unfortunately, due to upbringing patterns and social system, children have lost their creative interest and detached from achieving creative success. As they grow older, it is important for young people to seek creative nurturing to help them understand the true nature of their creative selves.

That is where Madam Teoh comes in; her creative thinking exercises shared by her helped students break free from creative boundaries. This is also to help students understand that creativity isn’t limited by art & design, but in developing an open mindset that is not restricted by system.

Madam Teoh demonstrates to the students to test their observation and listening skills.

An interesting demonstration by Madam Teoh using two paper rings; students learned how to cut the paper ring without it being disconnected

At the sharing, students were prompted with the question- what is creativity? According to Madam Teoh, creativity is an idea or solution that updates the quality of life. Creativity is a connection because it makes things possible, better and faster. It is also a variation because there are many ways to solving a problem, and each solution is creative.

The entire sharing was interesting, mind-boggling and fun with learning as students were intrigued by each exercise given by Madam Teoh. With this educational sharing, students learned how to develop problem solving skills.

“Problem solving is easy once you learned how to think outside the box. Problem solving becomes solvable and you will eventually realize that there will always be a way out of everything,” said Madam Teoh during one of her exercises on creating a square out of a 3-dimensional triangle. Her other exercises include observation skill with hand exercise, thinking skill with spotting the round shapes in numbers and more.

With these creative exercises, Madam Teoh hoped that the young creative students at The One Academy will be able to stand out as unique individuals. These exercises will help students develop awareness on their creative thinking abilities and learn to think out-of-the-box to come up with great ideas in future.

The One Academy students trying a mind-boggling exercise using a simple mini-kit provided by Madam Teoh

A simple hand exercise with The One Academy students; another observation skill exercise.