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Transforming Stories Into Magical World With
Nicolas Imhof
Updated 2013-12-09
“Start building your contact network. An artist has to be known, to be seen, and always look for opportunity to sell yourself.” said Nicolas Imhof.

The One Academy students learnt plenty of first hand knowledge in the art of production design and storytelling through the seminar by Swiss digital artist Nicolas Imhof. He motivated the students to strive for excellence in their endeavour for marvellous artistry, with which designers can turn the wildest ideas into silver screen blockbusters.

Armed with extensive experience in the industry, including 7 years of concept arts drawing and production design in the Hollywood, Imhof is back in The One Academy for another round of the masterclass titled ‘From Story to Drawing’, where he shared about ways for artists to expand the horizons.

From a special effects designer in Rhythm & Hues studio, Imhof moved on to be a 3D modeller and animator for blockbusters such as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Scooby Doo. After reading the Harry Potter novel, Imhof managed to conjure snowy Hogwarts castle and other landscapes into alluring visuals. This highlight the inspiration we may derive by reading and travelling widely, Imhof told the audience.

Apart from thinking and observing keenly, he was also very fascinated by the working of traditional machines. “As an artist, I have to reproduce what I see, and love to produce it truthfully.” Imhof advised students to question whatever that intrigues them, as we are surrounded by inspirations in everyday life. By observing how others paint, we might also understand their techniques.

For him, freelancing allowed artists to learn how to survive. Improving one's communication and persuasion skills is vital, as it will come in handy when artists try to strike a balance between pursuing idealism and making a livelihood. “Start building your contact network. An artist has to be known, to be seen, and always look for opportunity to sell yourself.” In addition, artists should fully understand clients’ demands, and present the pros and cons of every option. Advocated as part of The One Academy’s practical coaching approach, it is proven that sharings such as this are tremendously effective in gearing students towards excellence.

Imhof stressed that one would never walk alone in creating art, as like-minded friends would surely inspire and help each other. To gain a wider exposure, Imhof encouraged the students to work in different aspects of the discipline and keep the mind open to new subject matters, and alerted young artists against focusing work in just one area.

Learning directly from the experts as envisaged by the ‘Masters Train Masters’ philosophy, The One Academy students will stay ahead of their peers, launch into successful careers and achieve ‘Just World Class Results’!