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High-Achieving Creative Youths Shared Insight on Creating World Class Success!
Updated 2014-09-18

Nurtured under the Masters Train Masters philosophy in The One Academy, 3 winners of the Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Creative Youth Award from Datuk Jamil Salleh, Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth & Sports recently to mark their exceptional achievement, shared their insight on achieving world class success.

Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Creative Youth Award is conferred to our graduates that have attained significant achievements in the creative world. Creative Director of AKQA Shanghai, Kelly Woh, has won numerous industry awards around the world, and even sat in the jury of many competitions such as New York Festivals, D&AD and Future Lions.

She opined that in brands’ interaction with consumers, it's more important to be connected 365 days a year, than creating a 360° communication that encompasses all dimensions of advertising. And to impress potential customers on how these brands could benefit the consumers, creative professionals should replace brands' story with consumers’ stories.

Armed with the industry-driven education championed by The One Academy, Alex Phung, Chief Creative of BlueDigital Beijing is highly-motivated to produce brilliant solutions to the branding and marketing needs of clients, including Jaguar, Chrysler, Nissan, Durex and more.

For him, an effective creative solution consists of 3 elements in, namely Consumer, Content and Channel. He also envisaged creative professionals to play 3 roles: an observer that see through the consumers, a thinker that can think of the unexpected, and a maker that makes ideas work.

P'ng Yi Wei, the founder of game producer Kurechii Studio, has won grants from Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) to develop games. When he started, there weren’t many seniors around to look for guidance. To survive in the business of game producer, one struggled to juggle between the creative & marketing sides.

It took him more than 200 days to complete his game The King's League, and it was downloaded by 8 million gamers worldwide! He was truly motivated that many gamers had even produced fan art to show appreciation. For him, it took an awesome team to build a dream, and he attributed his global success to the dedication of all team members!

With perseverance and passion, these high achievers have attained admirable world class success. It is surely a testimony to The One Academy’s result-oriented creative education!