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Shaping All-Rounders in Fun-Filled Creativity October
Updated 2014-12-24

To further motivate students’ passion on design and everything else that matters, the Creative October, an annual celebration of creativity spearheaded by the School of Interior Design made a colourful burst with a series of eye-opening programmes, including workshops focussing on culinary art lined up for the young talents of The One Academy.

In line with the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy and practical coaching approach advocated by The One Academy, Creative October was held with an aim to equip creative talents with a variety of practical knowledge and life skills via out-of-the-classroom sessions. As highlighted by the Head of School, Dr. Eric Leong in his keynote address, students today are the future of the creative industry, and the sky is the limit for out-of-the-box thinkers who are willing to acquire new skills and be receptive to new ideas.

On the second day, the main programme was the Cupcake Workshop, held in 19 Culinary Studio, Damansara Heights. With the thoughtful guidance by the master confectioner, participants learned what’s trendy, what works, and what doesn’t in baking. Through this precious event, students gained first-hand experience in baking cute cupcakes that were certainly delicious too!

Coffee is certainly well-loved by many, and boutique cafés are mushrooming all over our towns. On the next day, students returned to 19 Culinary Studio, where master Kim Lee conducted the highly anticipated session Coffee Station. Besides the difference in taste and qualities between different beans, students were also exposed to ways to brew a cup of aromatic coffee for all occasions.

And that’s more! Students were treated with yet another cooking course, the Japanese Cooking Workshop, where they mastered the world renowned Nihon Ryori at Umai-Ya Restaurant, Damansara Uptown. Students paid full attention to learn from chefs who magically rolled out an amazing array of meticulously produced sushi, among others.

To enhance students' digital art proficiency, an InDesign CS6 Workshop was also held, where the experts from Double Effects House taught students on various powerful techniques. All in all, Creative October this year was well-received by students eagered to upgrade their skills!

By staying through to the highly-applaused philosophy of Masters Train Masters, The One Academy students benefit from classes on various specialised knowledge, and will emerged as all-rounders with multiple competitive edges, who are highly sought-after in the art and design industry.