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Fun-Filled Activity Week for Digital Animation Students
Updated 2014-12-24

The One Academy Digital Animation students had a remarkable fun and learning experience week. Besides acquiring knowledge during class, The One Academy lecturers makes sure that students get to learn out of the classrooms too with variety of activities, games & tournaments, sharing sessions, exhibitions and more during the Digital Animation Showcase.

The objective of the Digital Animation Showcase (DASC) 2014 was to ensure that students get a chance to unravel creative boundaries. Even though Digital Animation is a technical-based art & design field, nonetheless it requires creative fuel injection to inspire students with story building, characterization, art direction and style, as well as, motivate them for their future career pathway. The DASC 2014 took this opportunity to exhibit more than 10 outstanding artworks produced by Digital Animation students at The One Gallery.

To power up Digital Animation students, DASC took off with a sharing session with The One Academy Digital Animation graduates that are currently pursuing the industry with renowned animation companies. The graduates from LemonSky Games & Animation studio are Digital Artist, Khalis Kamarul who is also an excellent concept artist specializing in character design, graphic illustration and storyboarding; and 3D Artist Ahmed Afazil from Maldives, specializing in creature design, 3D sculpting, poly modeling, ideation and character design. Sharing the floor, both Khalis and Afazil spoke about the importance of having the right mindset, how to set a good impression at work, and even how to further your creative dream ambition. The sharing was followed by another session the next day, by alumni Cheong Teik Mun, a Senior Animator in Passion Republic with 3 years of working experience specializing in game play animations and in-game cinematic and also lecturers part-time at The One Academy to impart his knowledge to students. Teik Mun shared about what sort of attitude an artist should have, and elaborated on industry expectations and how to meet its requirements.

There was also a popular computer game tournament held called DOTA 2.0. Emerging as Champion of DOTA 2.0 is Team Pentagon consisting of DG students Ooi Chee Soon, Edmung Pang Chun Hoa, Chan Zhou Hua, Stefan Mah Tien Chien and Brandon Ho Wei Sng; Team D.D.S came in 2nd place, consist of Sam Wai Kit, Beh Ghee Hong, Wong Han Zerd, Kong Chung Eiu and Nur Hakim.

Truly an extraordinary out-of-the-classroom learning experience!