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Standing Out as the Best of the Best
Updated 2014-12-24

Top student Soon King Yaw was crowned the highly coveted title of the Deans’ List of Scholar at the Graduation Ceremony, November 2014. Clad in mortar boards and gowns, bubbly graduates of The One Academy joyfully receive their diplomas as they celebrate their completion of study with their family, friends & faculty members who witnessed the certificates presented by Principal Tatsun Hoi.

This was also a very joyous occasion for top notch graduate Soon King Yaw, who expressed his gratitude that his hard work and perseverance previously as a student has finally paid off! Since he was a child, Soon King Yaw already demonstrated creative talent in art and music. “I am very thankful for my mother’s endless support. She’s truly my mentor & inspiration,” he said, and added that her nurturing encouraged him to be actively involved in the arts.

As a high school student, King Yaw maintained a healthy study-passion schedule in various extra-curricular activities. He was a President of a Chinese orchestra club and played the yangqin, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, and organized 3 recitals where he led as a music conductor. His other involvement includes winning gold & silver at the Wushu Sabah State competition, class monitor, student body role model, school spokesperson, and was selected for a student exchange programme to study in South Carolina, USA.

Among his teachers and peers, King Yaw was known for his diligence & leadership skills. King Yaw’s fiery passion led him to a Gold Award at the annual Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artists Award competition 4 years ago, earning a scholarship to study at The One Academy where he pursued Digital Animation.

Even as a college student, King Yaw was just as dedicated as ever; he believed that there are “steps” to climb, just like a ladder to success. “We must have the initiative to take the steps to achieve our goals,” said King Yaw. King Yaw and his teammates won the Best Music Video Award at 8TV’s The Ultimate Song Music Video Competition 2014, also received 1st Prize at the Frankenweenie Sketching Competition 2013, and finally at The One Academy Student Creative Award 2014, bagged Gold (music video), Bronze (motion graphics), Silver (short film) and 2 merits (concept art and video shooting). That’s certainly quite a number!

With his determination coupled with his specialty in visual effects, King Yaw is eager to go further in the digital animation & film industry. When asked, what his advice is for his juniors, he said “As students, no matter how busy you are with assignments, always hold on to your first love which is Art, which will help you persevere in everything.” The One Academy is committed to produce perseverant design aspirants while inspiring them with creativity to emerge as successful artists! Well done King Yaw!