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Students celebrated fantastic creativity at Fantastic 8Belas.3 MIID Dulux Students Saturday
Updated 2014-12-24

Through vigorous thinking and strong teamwork, Interior Design students from various tertiary institutions around the country had wonderfully overcome a myriad of challenges during the Fantastic 8Belas.3 MIID Dulux Students Saturday.

Initiated in 1991, the Interior Design Students Saturday this year was its 18th edition. Held in Viva Home recently, the event was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Interior Design (MIID), and proudly hosted by School of Interior Architecture & Interior Design, The One Academy for the very first time. It is notable that Akzo Nobel Paints (Dulux) also came onboard as the co-branding partner.

MIID was delighted that the values espoused by Interior Design Students Saturday, such as nurturing creativity through transformational activities that would motivate healthy competition and trigger new thoughts; and creating an avenue for the development of creativity, innovativeness, competitiveness and leadership skills throught the solving of on-situ scenario, had been openly embraced by the industry.

In his welcome speech, Ar. Chris Yap Seng Chye, the President of MIID, stressed that by solving problems together in a limited time span, students from different institutes had much to gain from the sharing of thoughts and exchange of ideas. Dr. Eric Leong, Head of the School of Interior Architecture & Interior Design, The One Academy emphasised that the students today would be the creative experts of tomorrow, therefore they were the future of the profession.

18 different competitions grouped under 8 categories were held for the Students Saturday. With due diligence and a strong teamwork spirit, talented participants from The One Academy have won First Prizes in the 7 out of the 18 competitions, namely Fantastic Commercial Design, Poster Design, Commercial Break Design, Treasure Hunt, Photography, Students Sketching and Lecturer Sketching, emerging as the grand winner this year!

In order to enhance the educational values of Fantastic 8Belas.3 MIID Dulux Interior Design Students Saturday, MIID has engaged with professionals from various design backgrounds in sharing ideas and input with the participants. It is MIID's aim to encourage and support good design and competence through continuing professional development. By hosting such a wonderful event successfully, it is hoped that our creative aspirants nationwide are now one step closer to the noble aims.