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Honouring ‘The History Writers of the Future’ through Photography in Vision Petron 2014!
Updated 2014-12-24

By presenting an exquisite photograph titled ‘The History Writers of the Future’, Illustration student Leong Sheng Yung has successfully seized the honour of Grand Prize winner in the recent Vision Petron 2014 National Student Art & Photography Competition. This winning has certainly testified to the excellent quality of The One Academy students in creating breathetaking artworks.

Instead of the usual portrait or scenery photographs like many other participants would like to submit, Sheng Yung decided to come up with an outstanding artwork that was visually different from the rest. He produced a more conceptual masterpiece, which was meant to deliver a strong message. Nurtured prudently under the industry-driven creative education, Sheng Yung wished to mark different stages of life with different writing instruments, such as chalk and crayon for childhood, pencil for school days, pen for tertiary studies, and finally marker pen for adulthood and professional career.

With this thought provoking image that has triumphed over 196 other participants, Sheng Yung would like to assert the fact that as kids, we express ourselves through colours and lines based on our imagination. As teenagers, we share our ideas through words and visuals. While as adults, we innovate to create a better world! This concept signifies that every one of us is a life-long writer of the history, as everybody has a lot of potential to unleash in making the world a better place for all!

Aptly themed ‘Journey To Fulfill My Promise’ this year, Vision Petron was aimed to empower young artists to apply their talent in upholding national identity, unity and values that are uniquely Malaysian, such as hardwork, passion for excellence and love for country. It saw participations from 24 leading universities and colleges, including University Malaya, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and many more.

As envisaged by the Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy, The One Academy students undergo an astonishing metamorphosis in terms of creativity and artistry. With self-esteem boosted, Sheng Yung, who was crowned as the champion of art category in the same competition last year, is committed to work harder in order to develop his artistry, to focus his total effort in overcoming every challenge, and implore his peers to do the same in outdoing themselves!