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Students seized Grand Winner of LOVE GENERATOR CHALLENGE
Updated 2014-12-24

The One Academy students participated in the Love Generator Challenge organized by Moving Walls, a media solution company. 6 teams from The One Academy were shortlisted out of the top 12 finalists.

The outstanding teams that were selected are: Team KO, Team Juanev, Team YOUnique, Team Anyteam, Team JAD Production and Team XTM. With only 1 grand prize winner announcement, Team Anyteam emerged as the grand prize winner during the prize presentation ceremony, taking home certificates, trophies, a w hopping RM8000 cash prize and crowned with the two titles: : Love Generator Co-Creation New Media Challenge Winner Category Oil & Gas and Love Generator Co-Creation New Media Challenge Grand Prize Winner.

The Team Anyteam members are, Steven Felix Puwandi, Hooi Kah Suit and Ang Tze Ping, created a campaign for SHELL entitled ‘Shell Pin Fuel’, using a smartphone as a console to interact with the digital billboard which is also part of their preparation. According to the team, users are required to sign in using their social media account before they are able to play the game designed for it, to find out their scores and allow prizes that the users have won to be updated on their social media profile automatically. “We were required to create a campaign to educate youth about petrol brands; after several discussions, our team came up with the most educational yet influential concept to youths- Gamification.”

Team Anyteam also expressed their gratitude for being able to learn from their participation, “It expanded our knowledge, especially advertising in our technology age; it is not just about print ads anymore,” said Steven Felix, one of the team members.

During the competition, each team are required to include a specific media in their project such as social media, smartphone applications and content suitable for LED interactive billboard/screen as it is part of this interactive-theme competition. Students winning work will be displayed on Moving Walls’ largest LED digital screens in the Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

The One Academy students’ achievements are certainly a proven-result of the college’s industry-drive teaching methodology. Thanks to its ‘Masters Train Masters’ philosophy, students at The One Academy are consistently nurtured by creative experts and prominent lecturers who always ensure that their students always meet industry requirements.