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A Wholesome 3D View
Updated 2017-01-11

The School of Illustration organised The Illustration Talk to benefit its students. The talk was curated to give them a 3-dimensional view covering the know-how, know-what and then-how of illustration. In this talk, experts discussed with students every aspects of the illustration industry ranging from techniques, lifestyle, career, freelancing, rates, branding, marketing, self-publishing and more.

Illustrator and drawing teacher in TaoYuan, Taiwan Krenz Cushart taught on technical aspects of illustration – the know-how of illustration. He gave tips to students on rendering, colour theory, colour decision, lighting and more. As a traditional artist who has adapted to become a digital painter, Krenz used digital painting as a method to imitate traditional painting, giving his artwork more texture and depth. He also gave a painting demonstration by drawing a face. Krenz, who is also an extremely successful freelance artist taught students what it means to be a freelancer, the lifestyle sacrifices one have to make, its rates, commission and more. He recently won the Grand Prix of JIA (Japan Illustrators’ Association) Illustration Award 2016.

Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist Zeen Chin, who covered the know-what of illustration, revealed how he found his inspiration, most of which was gained from his life experiences whether he was looking for patterns, elements, characters or even symbolisms. Narrating his childhood days as a case study, Zeen recollected how staying opposite a temple gave him inspirations of ghostly elements. His varied inspirations gave birth to a drawing of a girl’s anatomy and thus, dictating what he drew. Zeen has been busy preparing for his debut art collection and launched it during a recent comic fiesta.

In the forum moderated by Johnson Ting and attended by panelists Krenz, Zeen, Lead Concept Artist at Passion Republic Tham Hoi Mun, Creative Director of Running Snail Studio Chong Fei Giap, they discussed about branding, its importance, how illustrators survive and how artists come up with packages and use images to present ideas. They also discussed problems faced by students, about imitating works of others and other fundamental matters.

It was an interesting session for all who were present. The One Academy continues to organise such talks to maximise all students’ learning opportunities. Carpe diem! Seize the day and don’t let any of these opportunities slip by you. Have a great learning session, students and apply what you’ve learnt!