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Winners Seized Bronze at the Singapore Crowbar Award
Updated 2011-10-06
Four talented The One Academy Multimedia Design students unleashed their filming skills and won BRONZE at the Singapore Crowbar Award 2011 for their short film entitled 'Don't M4ke Him like You'.

Diploma students Koh Liang Sheng, Redmond Ho Keng Huang, Yap Kah Chun and Pua Yin Ying celebrated their success when they were awarded in August 2011 during the award ceremony at Hotel Re! Singapore. The talented four who were previous participants for MUFORS were overwhelmed by their recent achievement as the award has paid off their hard work. The team shot an amazing short film in Cantonese with a comical but impactful storyline that creates awareness on road safety.

The film tells a story about three young males with different personalities sharing about their different road accident experiences. The three portrayed people who are impatient, easily-distracted and egoistic when they are driving. The trio then realised that they shared the same encounter with a similar driver with a particular; the ending showed that Death collected their soul and that the three youths were already dead. In this comical and eerie twist, the team aimed to deliver a core message, "Our aim was to shoot a film to reflect Malaysia's driving attitude," said Koh Liang Sheng.

Despite the obstacles they faced during shooting, the team had great team-effort in making the pre-production to post a success! The team had skilful lecturers who were their guide in the tips and tricks in filming, who also gave them good advice in how to spot the essence during filming. To quote Koh, the team used an "upbeat tempo" transition during editing and a still-frame scene when the actors had to reminisce the past. For a team who has no experience in filming, they certainly have done an excellent job!

The team shared that they have gained a handful of knowledge that are priceless because they had respectable lecturers like Kenny Kok and Tan Wei Peow to guide them wholeheartedly. "We are truly thankful; one of the most priceless advices was that they have always reminded us about preserving the essence of a film during filming. As a storyteller, we need to maintain a gracious heart when you are delivering the message to your audience."

When asked what sort of essential criteria a designer should possess, each team member expressed their own opinion such as good time management and being open minded to accept all lesson learned. Lastly, Koh quote The One Academy Principal, Tatsun Hoi, "Just as how our principal always said, Passion. That is a must!" As the team reminisce, they expressed about their improvement over the semesters, "We have matured so much in terms of skill and mentality," claimed Pua. "We have learned how to be more responsible and initiative to create new ideas," shared Redmond and Yap. "Not to forget, developed discipline too," added Koh. It is an important part in a road to achievement because it enables to steer clear of unnecessary demotivation in order for you to stay focus in pursuit of excellence. Therefore, just as these bronze winners have made it with the same philosophy, The One Academy believes that you too can reach greater heights!