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Hard Work Pays Off
Updated 2017-11-10

Dennis Lee’ diligence did not go unnoticed. He may not be the best student in his class but he never gave up.

While he pursued Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design, he has encountered difficulties in course work, struggling to understand briefs technically and creatively. His work was rejected many times. Many people in his shoes might have given up.

Not Dennis. Dennis asked questions and learnt all he could. Compared to his peers, he had to work twice as hard. Because he kept up with it, his final work was praiseworthy. He completed all his work and was proactive in finding solutions to each obstacle.

While the learning curve was extremely steep, Dennis learnt a lot about hand-crafting and problem-solving. Even though he has brilliant ideas, it was difficult for him to execute ideas he has in mind. The self-motivated young man’s drive was to find a good job in future. This kept him going day in, day out.

Every year, Pearson organises a High Achiever Awards Ceremony to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the outstanding educational success of our learners. Dennis was present during the ceremony, expecting nothing from it.

Imagine his surprise when he was named winner of the Pearson BTEC Outstanding Learner Award. Dennis has always been an exemplary role model to all his juniors and that afternoon, his efforts were officially recognised by Pearson.

“I never expected that I could win this. Of course, I couldn’t have done this without the help of my teachers and lecturers. They taught me without fail. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this without my school friends too. It’s always wonderful to have them because we will always help each other out,” said Dennis.

“For those who want to walk in my footsteps, don’t forget to work very, very, very hard. Success will follow you wherever you go,” Dennis added.

All our lecturers were pleased to see Dennis score 3 Passes, 4 Merits and 1 Distinction in his final results, knowing he has given his all and done his very best.

Echoing the voice of many of our guest speakers who have come, it is great attitude that will determine success and Dennis indeed is getting there.

Congratulations, Dennis! We are all very proud of your achievement!

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