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Championing Malaysian Heritage Through Art
Updated 2017-12-13

Usaha Tegas Heritage Art Competition 2017, previously known as Tanjong Heritage, is a national level art competition organised by Usaha Tegas Sdn. Bhd. In its 17th consecutive year, the event encourages talented young artists all over Malaysia to showcase their abilities and impress judges with their artistic illustrations of Malaysia’s rich heritage.

With a growth in prominence and reputation, the entries soared high as skilled artists compete to win the attractive prizes. Continuing The One Academy’s tradition of scoring in the competition, four illustration students have tested their skills and managed to prove themselves worthy of the cash prizes. Two of them even managed to place in the competition.

In the watercolor category, the first prize of RM 8000 cash went to Seow Yong Khin. His other entry also won the consolation prize worth RM 500. In the same category, Ho Wen Hong placed third, winning him RM 2000, and student Teo Zhee Fong secured a consolation prize. In the charcoal/pencil/ink category, Goh Kok Wei won another RM 500 worth of consolation prize. Every winner also received a certificate and RM 500 worth of TGV tickets.

As a corporate social responsibility, the competition was first launched by Tanjong Public Limited Company in 2001. It aims to promote awareness of our rich and diverse Malaysian heritage while giving recognition to aspiring youth from tertiary institutions, allowing them to showcase their artistry to a wider audience.

This year’s theme revolves around the interpretation of “traditions, practices, beliefs, activities, objects and buildings which have been inherited from the past”. Participants were also given the freedom to incorporate nature and national elements with creativity and imagination, expression, originality and technique in their artwork.

Winning the top prize in the watercolor category with his montage painting ‘Malacca’s Tradition’, Seow was inspired by the historical state as it is full with beautiful old traditions. He assembled a few features such as Chinese calligraphy, vintage bicycle and an old building because they represent Malacca very well.

As assumed, the watercolor painting consumed a lot of his time. The painting portion of the process, which took most of his effort, and sketching were done in five days. He had to make sure the whole piece did not look messy. Ultimately, he felt excited to win the competition and that his hardwork paid off.

Seow said that it was a really good experience. Adding to that, his victory will fare well for him and the other winners from The One Academy in terms of career opportunities and future prospects as this formidable platform has solidified their name as promising young artists.

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Seow Yong Khin’s Malaysia’s Historical Coins – Consolation prize in the watercolour category.

Seow Yong Khin’s Malacca’s Traditions – First prize in the watercolour category.

Teo Zhee Fong’s Relic of our Land – Consolation prize in the charcoal/pencil/ink category.

Seow and his winning artwork ‘Malacca’s Traditions’.

Teo and his artwork ‘Relic of our Land’.

Ho and his winning artwork.

The students receiving their prizes during the Usaha Tegas Heritage Art Competition 2017 prize presentation ceremony at Hotel Maya, KL.