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A Champion Design in Tropicana Life Street-Tee Charity Competition
Updated 2011-10-06
An academia member from The One Academy Chris Tan emerged grand winner of the Tropicana Life Street-Tee Design recently with his interesting design illustrating the less fortunate as true life heroes that translated into a reward of RM3,000 cash and RM1,000 worth of products from Tropicana Life and co-sponsors.

Themed Street Culture & Style with Tropicana Life, the Tropicana Life Street-Tee Charity Competition aims to reveal and bring the public a step closer to the uniqueness world of street culture and style through the beautiful world of art where impressive expression artworks will be printed on tee for sell and proceed to charity.

Knowing that Tropicana Life organised the competition to benefit charity homes, Chris decided to take a different approach to win the challenge."The only colour used is black against the grey background, mainly to reflect simplicity and sincerity of the disabled people portrayed in order to bring higher awareness to society on their plight and also consider my design as a tribute to these disabled people who go against the odds and lived beyond their capabilities," said Chris, an alumnus of The One Academy who is currently lecturing at campus.

"Creativity is the key. In order to create a greater public awareness for the disabled, I directly use portraits of some disabled people from PKOOKUN, and transform them into 'extraordinary idols' on stage. Although they are on wheel chairs and unable to communicate well, they can still freely express their feelings and determination through their performance. They are indeed the true champions who overcome their difficulties and even inspire us!" Chris added, explaining his design.

The One Academy lives up to its name as a renowned college in art and design that has always been committed to nurturing world-class winners who creatively outshine through 'Masters Train Masters' coaching philosophy, ensuring a secured success in the industry and like Chris, to become a role model for the younger generation of designers.