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A Grand Slam for The One Academy!
Updated 2019-11-22

Dubbed the “Oscars” of the Malaysian advertising industry, The Kancil Awards 2019 has just wrapped up and it was truly an illustrious occasion. Right after receiving the rank of World’s No. 1 Best Art School (Concept Art & Illustration) in the international Rookie Awards 2019, The One Academy has also made its mark on home ground with recent achievements in the Student Kancil x sCooler Awards 2019 – the largest and most prestigious annual advertising awards celebrating creative works from all over the nation.

The academy saw to an astounding 99 awards being brought home by our students and lecturers – winning 12 Golds, 18 Silvers, 30 Bronzes, 33 Merits, 3 Idea of the Year awards. In addition, we have clinched the honoured Creative School of the Year recognition for two years running in 2018 and 2019. On top of that, the Student of the Year went to Michael Lim Chung Leong & Lecturer of the Year went to Yan Li Wen, Head of Advertising & Graphic Design.

The Gold Awards were received in the categories of: Best Idea for Social Good, Best Film & Audio Craft - Animation, Best Film & Audio Craft - Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Best Print & Poster: Campaign, Best Film - Video Content, Best Film - Branded Films, Static Visual Aesthetics - Art Direction, Digital Craft - Visual Design for Digital Platforms, and Digital Craft - User Experience & Journey Design.

Michael Lim relayed his feelings of being surprised when he found out he won. When asked about the preparations he made for the competition, he said, “I received guidance and advice from lecturers during the process as they helped me to overcome many difficulties. They taught me to not only pay attention to aesthetics, but also to the rationale and meanings of the projects.” His advice to future participants is to always work hard and do their best to complete the project. “Don't be lazy and don't lack confidence in yourself. If you feel you aren’t good enough, then try to improve and push yourself to your limit,” said Michael.

“It’s an encouragement to remind myself that everything I do to help my students do better work matters in the grand scheme of things. I believe our students are the real champions of this year’s show,” shared Li Wen about receiving the Lecturer of the Year award.

“I think one of the biggest challenge for students these days is the fear that a career in advertising would rob them of their ‘life’, however people make their sacrifices and take a stand to make their work meaningful to them. As long as you see your work as an enabler for you to achieve your goals in life rather as an obstacle, then it becomes much easier for you to strive and excel in it,” he said.

His word of advice to students is to never rely on luck. “If you were to participate in any award shows (or do any assignments) - don’t treat it like a lottery game. Winners never depend on luck, and they are at most times, diligently benchmarking themselves against the best possible work that’s out there. And if you were to fail, may it be a good one whereby you’ve done everything possible within your capacity to craft a beautiful work with a powerful idea,” he stated.

Congratulations to all those involved in contributing to this landslide victory and making us proud. All the best and keep the winning streak running!

Kancil Awards 2019

Kancil Awards 2019

Kancil Awards 2019
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