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Local Designer Takes Global Creative Scene by Storm
Updated 2020-11-20

‘Creativity is found in everyone and anyone can create’. That is the core belief of local stationery brand Mossery that is currently rocking the global creative scene with their range of thoughtful, beautifully-designed items. From notebooks to art kits, gift cards to writing tools, there is surely something for everyone at Mossery!

This vibrant brand’s CEO and Co-founder is none other than Lim Jun Yuen, talented designer and graduate of The One Academy’s Advertising & Graphic Design programme. He currently leads the product, marketing and technology aspects of Mossery.

Having a pretty typical upbringing in Malaysia, Jun Yuen found school to be rather lacking in the diverse thinking and creativity department. Instead, he found solace in his group of friends who went against the grain and thought beyond the textbook. “We participated in engineering projects, messed around with cameras and photography, creating content for blogs, forums and more”, he said, adding that boredom was the key that awoke the curiosity within and made them want to find interesting things to do.

After completing high school, he worked as a promoter at his family-run small business and it was there that he got the idea to venture into art and design as he believed it could bring value to the business. With the support of his parents, he then enrolled into The One Academy and kickstarted his creative journey.

His time at the institution was a rollercoaster of late nights and lack of sleep in a bid to give nothing but his very best. “We used to lock ourselves in the room and no one was allowed to leave until we completed the assignment. We would work until sunrise, catch 1-2 hours of sleep, and while driving to college, one of us would fix the presentation in the passenger seat. It was extreme. Back then, we would sacrifice everything to deliver good work”, he recounted.

The efforts were not in vain as the experience he gained during his college days were priceless. He explained that they got a good glimpse of what awaits them in the real world – tight deadlines, high standards, commercial viability and more. “It laid a strong foundation for us to continue developing our careers when entering the industry”, said Jun Yuen.

Upon graduating, he worked as a graphic designer in a small company where he learned the ropes of the advertising and design world. Soon after, he was drawn to the world of start-ups and taught himself how to code eventually going on to start two of his own. Unfortunately, these failed but proved to be invaluable experience for testing the waters of the business world.

Six years ago, Jun Yuen was approached to help design for Mossery but he offered to join as Co-founder instead and the rest is history. Today, Mossery has customers from over 90 countries worldwide, touching lives with thoughtful stationery that sparks creativity.

When asked about his advice to fresh graduates, he emphasized on the importance of creating value. “Understand your customers and explore how art and design can be essential in difficult times like these”, he said.

Excited for the promising future of Malaysia’s creative industry, he commented on the increased connectivity and accessibility that we now enjoy and the collaborative opportunities across different disciplines of design that it brings. “I believe that Malaysia will be a country with one of the most diverse creative culture on the planet”.

With talented Malaysians such as Lim Jun Yuen championing the local creative industry, it is obvious that the possibilities in this field are indeed infinite!

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