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‘Oh My Guffs!! Truly A Sight for Sore Eyes!
Updated 2020-02-28

The recent pandemic has brought about many changes with schools being closed and students unable to continue learning in their colleges. This has also affected ceremonies such as graduations from taking place. However, a group of students from The One Academy’s School of Digital Media Design are seizing this unique opportunity to come up with an exciting means of carrying out their graduation exhibition.

‘Oh My Guffs!!’ is a virtual graduation exhibition showcasing motion graphics, film, AR, UI/UX and VR put together by 22 budding digital media designers. Unhindered by their inability to setup their showcase physically, they took their talent and creativity online by building ‘Oh My Guffs!! Land’, a colourful, quirky and fun space these guffys have chosen to exhibit their jaw-dropping skills.

The exhibition was produced by Tai Yi Xuan, Tong Yi Ning, Andrew Lee, Ahmed Eidan Abdullah, Nuruddin Sani, Myrza Nurlina, Amanda Yau, Lim Lin, Ang Cheng Xin, Nicole Ho Leyi, Tan Li Xuan, Adzeem, Teoh Zhao Cuen, Tan Shi Jin, Chow Kin Bing, Lee Kim Sheng, Gan Hong Yao, Lim Li Ming, Ku Yu Qi, Yoong Boon Chun, Chuah Yun Wen and Loh Ze Yan. Working around the clock, each of these creatives took up the role of putting together a truly captivating virtual exhibition that is a feast for the eyes.

The name of the exhibition came about when the team stumbled upon the realisation that they were a bunch of goofballs with contrasting personalities and talents who although deemed themselves as weird individually, were truly guffs when together. Set on a mission to explore the foolishness of creativity while remaining as wise as ever, the name ‘Oh My Guffs!!’ was born!

Although the idea of being able to work on their graduation exhibition from the comfort of their homes may seem like a blessing, the process of going live with their project had its own fair share of ups and downs. When asked about the challenges faced during the preparation, Ang Cheng Xiu, the designer in charge of finance and UI of the project said that it was an uphill battle. “Time was limited and we were rushing to render images, however, not all of us had the software to do this and the campus was closed due to the MCO. As such, all the ones involved in this part had to do it by themselves whilst doing their own final projects which resulted in quite tight timing”.

She also said that differences in opinion was one of the challenges faced. “Since there was so many of us, we had quite a lot of differing opinions at times and this tested our team spirit, however we always managed to come to an agreement in the end!”, said Ang.

Speaking on the institute’s support for the graduates, she said that lecturers were readily available to give advice and criticism. Although weekly meetings that often spanned two to three hours were the norm, their lecturers would patiently listen to them and give their suggestions and opinions resulting in a smooth flow of work throughout.

Ang’s parting advice for her juniors and students is ‘however much effort you put in, that is how much you stand to gain! So never give up easily and remember, everything can be solved”. With digital media designs such as AR, VR, motion graphics and more taking the world by storm, there is surely no better time for these guffs to make their way into the working world then now! We wish these guffs all the best and hope they keep churning out amazing projects such as these. Interested to pay ‘Oh My Guffs!! Land’ a visit? Grab your laptop and head on over to and get ready for an exceptional time.

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