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Interior Design Students Boot in idS Design Boot Camp 2011
Updated 2011-10-06
Students had the most exciting & creative design session ever as they participate with creative-spirit at the 2-day idS Design Boot Camp 2011 where lots of excited on-goings and sharing benefited them!

Held at the academy's campus, the idS Boot Camp was organised with initiative led by idS magazine event department to tap into the vast interior designs and architects network while the Design Boot Camp aim to inspire the younger generation in Malaysia. The magazine was an effort published by TS Exim Sdn. Bhd.

During the boot camp, students experienced fun indoor and outdoor activities such as sharing, contests, interactive game sessions, visitations, site-recces and practical skills coaching. What's more, the idS Design Boot Camp 2011 is recognised and endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. The boot camp was held for 2 days at The One Academy itself from 6th to 7th August 2011.

At day one, students met with Dickie Ong, a renowned Senior Interior designer who has 20 years of working experience in the architectural and interior designing industry of numerous projects overseas and locally. His sharing entitled 'The Changing Face of Design' along with some mini-games & activities which made learning fun! There was also an InteriCAD presentation by Min Hui, followed by a logo presentation by students. The prestigious moment was to have a sharing by Kazuo Yasumatsu, a passionate & creative 1st Class architect & interior designer with 30 over years of experience and also the experienced interior designer for high-end department stores such as SOGO, Japan. Students learned the wave of design trends in Asia Pacific, design concerning space and senior citizens and having a balanced design in interior & architecture. The day finally ended with a group discussion & brainstorming session for the students to express & apply after a long day of digesting what they've learned.

Day two was anticipated by the students as the day begin with a sharing entitled 'World of Hospitality & Branding in Design' by Lai Siew Hong, a managing director of Blu Water Studio and the top speaker of Design Boot Camp 2010. A visitation to VIVA Home Mall, Kuala Lumpur was organised too for students to learn on-the-spot as their final assessment which includes research, project development and project presentation by each team that the students have formed. The mall was a case-study for the students to understand the why and how's of the concept. The case-study visitation was followed by a final round of group discussion and brainstorming session before they provided a final-presentation on what they have learned for 2 days. Their knowledge reflected in their presentation content. Finally, the design boot camp ended with an award ceremony to present awards to students for their effort and initiative in their presentation.

With an aim to provide the best for the students, The One Academy ensures that students of every major are equipped with creative hands-on and thinking skills that would lift them higher into greater heights!