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Gold for Best Booth Design
Updated 2010-09-21
Interior Design majors Tan Shi Ying and Chew Weng Hong recently joined the Malaysian Furniture & Furnishing Fair's Booth Design competition. They celebrated over their creative concept called Kubiq that had won them Gold with the title Best Booth Design.

The Malaysian Furniture & Furnishing Fair (MF3) is an event to provide information and tips on how to transform and improve your home. Organized with a consumer-oriented approach, visitors visited for free as the event enjoyed great public respond. The ton of publicity has also promoted participating exhibitors. This has promoted participating exhibitors, especially with a ton of publicity. Most participating exhibitors agreed that the MF3 has helped them build a responsive platform of branding and has increased their sales. To receive a much higher response, the organizers held a Best Booth Design competition to encourage each participating exhibitor to design an eye-catching booth design.

Creativity brought the duo to the challenge as they were assigned to design for Kubiq; a trendy company with cost saving concept in kitchen design while allowing one to explore creativity behind the homely and user-friendly idea. The duo provided design services for Kubiq such as space planning, colours, props and more for their client's booth. For them, they did an incredible job designing and decorating their booth; attracting not only the public but the judges as well. Tan and Chew certainly did well with their impressive choice of warm and cool tone of colours that was chosen as Kubiq's main booth and corporate colours.

Tan and Chew made it through with their lecturer's guidance, "I think the important thing is having the chance to build our profile through this competition." An admirable fact would be that the duo had their future figured out. "To be successful designers, we must be able to think out of the box. Always observe great works from others," commented Tan. "And of course, passion and hard work is important too," added Chew. Tan and Chew worked well hand in hand, proving that The One Academy has developed teamwork in students! Definitely, a quality of industry's teaching approach!