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The Heart of Multimedia Starlite 2011 Beats for Interactive
Updated 2011-10-06
The One Academy Multimedia Design department recently launched its annual Multimedia Starlite Exhibition at campus, showcasing the best multimedia works compiled and celebrating home grown talents, industry achievements and creative breakthrough in the multimedia field.

Themed 'I *heart u (interactive heart user)', the month-long exhibition which took 2 months over to set up and run from 13 September to 7 October 2011, features rich interactive experience to the audience through augmented reality (AR) and 3D projection mapping demonstrations, crowd controlled interaction, digital art performance and more.

The theme centered on the means of emotion (relationship) between interactivity and user, where the experiments of user interaction in the context of user interface have been evolved from computer screen to tangible objects, smart phones, projections and more. Such is the trend that is widely explored in the field of advertising, entertainment and education which brings the purpose of this event; to enrich The One Academy students with knowledge that will keep them in the loop on the latest trend and practices in the Multimedia Design industry through industry talks, seminar or workshop by industry practitioners.

The One Academy Principal and Managing director Tatsun Hoi was present to launch the interactive opening of the exhibition, which uses 3D projection mapping medium. An interesting 'giant' piano staircase installation demo was also held for audience to interact with the keys, as well as screenings of students' work in motion picture and interactive projects.

Besides showcasing outstanding works to the public as an encouragement to the students, Multimedia Starlite also aims to educate on the importance of establishing close connection and build a strong network among lecturers, tutors and students in the field of multimedia design to practice the exchange of experience, knowledge, and interaction; to stay in touch and keep each other abreast of the latest development in the creative industry.

Apart from the exhibition, there are also talks and seminar from industry experts and field trips organised to enrich the interactive experience of the Multimedia Starlite event, as well as video screenings at One TGV audiovisual hall. Through The One Academy's 'Masters Train Masters' teaching philosophy, students are able to gain the opportunity from learning beyond their classroom and elevate their experience onto the future platform of success in the creative industry.