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Students Go 'Dweey' at Toy Design Week
Updated 2010-11-04
One Art Club under The One Academy's Illustration faculty and Malaysia's rising toy design production company Toy Minister recently collaborated on an exciting event that re-kindles many childhood love for iconic toys in Toy Design Week, featuring Dweey, a character that is gaining popularity among designers alike.

In a launching exhibition held in conjunction with Toy Design Week, the event unveiled a series of Malaysia designer toys by Dweey, Liselle, Arts & Gizmo, Michael Chuah, Urban Cr3atures and XL-Shops, featuring more than 10 customised Dweey toys contributed by local artists and 66 international artists' crossover works.

"The objective of this collaboration was to create awareness on toys; how it relate to our childhood memories and basically to showcase our appreciation towards toys," said Luk Chee Chew, toy designer of Dweey and design director of Fusionwave, adding that he was pleased with the outcome of the event as it received encouraging response from the students and creative industry.

Luk, who was an alumni in Advertising & Graphic Design also gave sharing on Toy Design, from Creation, Production to Marketing at the campus on the topic 'I'm a Future Toy Designer' to offer the students an exclusive insight into the world of toy design, the future prospects in the industry and its challenges.

He also shared on what it takes to succeed in the industry, with valuable tips and tricks that will benefit the students who are interested to venture in the toy designing world. Through relating his experience on how a dedicated team of his had established the presence of 'Dweey' in the market for 5 years, students gained a better understanding of the industry.

There was also a Dweey Toy Custom workshop which saw more than 50 eager students taking part in the event to discover more about Dweey. Using their imagination to express their creativity and individual style on customising the Dweey toys, the workshop provided the opportunity for young aspiring artists to unleash their artistic flair, besides getting acquainted with the latest news in the toy design industry as well. Some of the students' final works were also exhibited at the gallery in recognition of their effort.