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A Creative Creation of Fashion Illustration
Updated 2010-11-30
As some of you may know her, Lisa Lee radiates from her artistic series of fashionable creations as a prominent senior lecturer who has led a number of aspiring illustration students. Rising to recognition, Lee’s talent was recognized much earlier in her career while lecturing professionally and now with her creation.

Lee began from her passion in fashion & art and decided to venture and explored the possibilities which she has successfully achieved in her series of Liselle. Originated from the traditional illustration of drawing and painting, fashion illustration is a combination of both concepts. Today, fashion illustration is a renowned state of the art that is used in fashion magazines as part of an editorial feature, advertising & promotion, fashion boutiques and departmental stores. This shows that the study of illustration isn’t just a form of art but meant to be pursued as a career in the multi-billion dollar creative; as it is a demand that is needed in the industry, such as advertising, multimedia, digital animation and the list goes on.

Lee aimed to create a feminine character emphasizing the gracefulness of a woman. Thus, Liselle was born where Lee signs off as an artist who loves to turn it up a feminine-notch. Through her fashion illustrations, Liselle can be seen as an elegant girl in Lee’s creative masterpiece, where many vibrant colours used to design this unique feminine character. Lee’s art is an appealing combination of art and feminism; illustrating the sophistication of a woman. After practicing for years, now Lee maintains the important messages she conveys and ensures her contribution to the society through her art in any ways.

In her recent collaboration, Lee’s development has led her partnership with Toy Minister; a designer toy company that specializes in producing a unique concept for designers & artists to realize that they can do more than just draw, paint and design! Of course, even before this new found glory, Lee received a Trevor Award (UK) before and this collaboration increased her recognition for global exposure. As an educationalist herself, Lee never stops at building higher recognition for herself. Her previous achievement has taught her that there is no limit. This prominent senior lecturer defined standards with work and only wish to remind her students and fellow aspirants to always continue to set higher standards for themselves as time goes by. With this, students and aspirants would surely achieve world-class results.