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EXPOSE 8-Exposing Flair for Artistry
Updated 2010-11-24
It is an honour for an artist to be featured in the international collection of worldwide digital arts- EXPOSÉ 8. Showcasing the finest illustrations and digital arts, EXPOSÉ 8 is a unique-selling art book that inspires an artist soul to the core.

Apart from this participation, Tao has experienced other local competitions; last year at the ‘Peraduan Bakat Baru Komik Malaysia 2009’ and won a place in the category of ‘Melukis Ilustrasi Terbuka’. This time instead, he braced himself to submit his 2D digital painted portrait entitled ‘Yvonne’ to join the international family of EXPOSÉ 8. The result; Tao received an opportunity for his artwork to be featured, an artist copy of EXPOSÉ 8 and a free membership in Also under the Ballistic Publishing, Tao’s other artwork entitled ‘Artiz’ was featured in EXOTIQUE 5.

As a compilation of great illustrations from illustrators and digital artists around the world, EXPOSÉ 8 is known to produce the world’s best digital art books. It is well known among those who are inspired by the magic of the incredible book who not only selects but increase the recognition for an artist’s work. Majority of the artists who are selected to be featured happened to be prominent talents with professional positions from eminent agencies. Works that are showcased vary from concept art, matte painting, character modelling, environment art and more.

Tao being an aspirant himself received training at The One Academy which consists of various experienced creative lecturers. Today, he is an expert in illustration who creates beautiful art like his recent ‘Yvonne’, which he enhanced certain areas to create a melancholic message. His masterpiece was blend with an array of style and concept which impressed the panel of pioneer international artists who chose to feature him.

“I am thrilled with this rare opportunity! I am so happy to see my artwork featured in a renowned digital art book that you can pick up at the bookstores in the mall!” said Tao excitedly. < br/>< br/> It is definitely an extraordinary chance as there are millions of undiscovered talents all over the world that yearns for this big break, and this chance landed on Ivan Tao! When you put an excellent art work like Tao’s at par with EXPOSÉ 8, it sure is a true world-class result!