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Starting Your Journey

Starting Your Journey

There are a lot of interesting places in Malaysia where you should not miss when studying in Malaysia. Pay a visit to the places and indulge in these beautiful culture of Malaysia.

Things to Bring


Bring at least RM500 in cash, along with your passport and the letter of acceptance from The One Academy.

It is recommended to carry the rest of your money in the form of bank drafts or Traveller’s Cheques for convenience and safety purposes.

Do ensure that the amount of your bank draft be sufficient to cover at least the first 2 months of your expenses. However, it is advisable to carry a little extra cash and Traveller’s Cheques as it might take up to a month in some cases for bank drafts to clear.

Remember to keep all these in either your hand luggage or waist pouch where it will be kept safely with you at all times and easily accessible.

Certificate / Official Documentations

Bring along certified photocopies of your academic qualifications (if possible in English) and other formal identifications (if any).

  Things to Bring

Electrical Appliances

If you are bringing electrical appliances, ensure that they will not cause any excess baggage (For more information on the permitted allowance for checked-in and hand luggage, do check with the flight agency you will be flying with).

Take note that electrical appliances in Malaysia operate at 240 volts. If your plug differs from the Malaysian requirements, rest assured that replacement plugs are easily available in shopping complexes such as Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex and Carrefour Hypermarket, both located near our main campus.






  Electrical Appliances

hand luggage

It is advisable to bring along your daily toiletries, bath towel and a set of clean clothes in your hand luggage, just in case your checked-in luggage gets misdirected. In the event this happens, it may take several days to a week for the airport authorities to retrieve the luggage and return it to you.









  Hand Luggage


Malaysia is a hot and humid country, therefore bring light clothing like cotton T-shirts, jeans and shorts for guys, and short-sleeved blouses, skirts and jeans for girls.

Sweaters, raincoats or umbrellas may be useful as well. As with any other tropical countries, Malaysia experiences heavy rain, especially between October - February.

Finally, do not forget to bring a set of bed sheets and pillowcase to start off your first night in Malaysia.






  Clothing in Malaysia

reading material

Art and graphic related books are available in local bookstores. Therefore, it is recommended for you to buy the books here rather than in your own country. However, do bring along any additional reference books which might be useful for you as long as they don't overload your luggage.








  Reading Material