Master your creativity through The One Academy's higher learning education and let your journey begin at the internationally renowned top art & design institution.


After graduating, students may begin work in one of the following:

• VFX Production Studios
• Video Game Production Houses
• 2D / 3D Animation Production Studios
• VR / AR and Immersive-Media Studios
• Advertising Agencies / Design Studios
• TV / Film Pre-production / Previzualization Houses
• Scientific and Engineering Visualization
• Corporate In-House Design Departments
• Self-Startup Design, Animation, and Visualization Studio

Students pursue career paths in one or more of the following roles :

• Modeling Technical Director
• Rigging Technical Director
• Lighting Technical Director
• Lookdev Technical Director
• Animation Technical Director
• Technical Animation / Character FX Technical Director
• FX Technical Director
• Compositing Technical Director
• Plate Prep / Rotoscoping Technical Director
• Layout Technical Director
• Pipeline Technical Director
• Matte Painter
• Environments Artist
• Concept Artist
• Texture Artist
• Previz / Postviz Artist
• VFX Production Coordinator
• Art Director
• Comic Artist

The TOA/JHI faculty and Career Counseling provide personalized career advisement in each of the above environments.