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ID Students with Big Heart wins BIG!
Updated 2012-12-31

Trio interior design students won Grand Prize of RM5000 for their entry in the Creative 3R-Design Award & Auction 2012, at the recent Penang Green Expo organised by Penang Green Council (PGC Strategies Sdn Bhd) and The One Academy Penang as our co-organiser.

Based on the theme "Conserving for Tomorrow", the "Creative 3R-Design Award and Auction 2012" was one of the highlights of the Penang Green Expo 2012 activities. The objective of the event is to promote zero waste and 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) idea through a wholesome & friendly competition. The competition requires participants to incorporate recyclable materials into their creative ideas to provide a green platform. Students are required to produce eco-friendly artwork/craftwork, and the top 20 finalists work will be exhibited at The One Academy Penang and at the Expo.

However, the students that was selected as the Grand Prize winners are, Deong Wen Dee, Lee Jun Yan and Yoong Jeng Yih, for their group submission entitled ‘Eco Box’. According to the winners, their work is based on a movable concept a.k.a a mobile garden. Their concept is described as a multi-functional area, which includes a mini-garden for plants; it also has a small table, a comfortable sitting area and a book shelf too. Only one winning of the grand prize was entitled to the winner, and this lucky group of 3 was selected by the panel of judges because of their creative and environmental friendly concept.

The art pieces created by the participants were also auctioned by the organizers based on a “reserve price” determined by the participants themselves. All proceeds from the sale of art pieces were donated to the Penang Hard Core Poverty Eradication to fund the programme.

During the project, the group faced a couple of ups & downs, but all in all, they have gained knowledgeable experience from this exposure. “At first, we had a hard time coming up with the ‘mobile garden’ idea because it requires plenty of eco product and the material was not easy to obtain. Nonetheless, we still pluck up the courage and went on with it, but we still had a tough time collecting the “good” condition materials to produce a sturdy result.”

The One Academy interior design students have made good use with this opportunity to put their talent to work to produce the most innovative concept of all time! These students have also learned how to combine their minds and abilities as a team. On the other hand, the group has also shared that they have become much more confident and independent which is part of the practical teaching approach provided by the academy. Hence, here we witness the winning result as reflected on their recent success! Congratulations!