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Nicolas Imhof Conjures Stories into Drawings
Updated 2012-12-31

Students had another round of fulfilling story-telling & production design exclusive sharing by Swiss designer Nicolas Imhof. During his second visit to The One Academy, Nicolas shared his treasured knowledge and experience in various aspects of animation, including 3D modelling and special effects.

In this 2-day event, Imhof presented variants of working with shadow and lighting while incorporating future and past elements, as well as old and new. He shared with the students his knowledge of concept and style because it would help them apply this learning experience in their current illustration course.

With a passion to create dreamlike worlds filled with puzzling realism, his unconventional styles have won the students’ hearts. Not only have they learned how to incorporate this unconventional ways into their work, but they have also learned to understand the importance of adapting quirk and authenticity into creating one on their own- just like how Imhof blends his own together to produce a state-of-the-art piece that is timeless and magical.

Imhof emphasized that technical abilities may be important but the traditional ways of understanding art is still vital because that is the basis of art and illustration. Imhof also conducted a workshop on Day 2 exclusively for the students to be enlightened on the techniques of digital art.

While learning the tools of the trade, Imhof taught students on how to conjure from story to drawing intricately- basically learning how to transfer the concept in mind to transform into a masterpiece of digital art. The result, that digital art itself would contain the full story that is conveyed by the student. For the benefits of the students, they have learned a wide range of precious insights of animation from Imhof in those 2 days itself.

Imhof has previously exhibited his work too in conjunction with The One Academy’s Swiss Design in Hollywood event where he spoke publicly alongside another renowned Swiss designer- Christian Scheurer. With 7 years of experience in Hollywood, Imhof is known for creating world of fantasies for films such as Harry Potter series, Star Trek Nemesis, Cats & Dogs and many more.

This golden opportunity has enabled both Digital Animation & Illustration students to gain insightful learning experience and to readjust their perspective in the world of digital art. Once again, The One Academy provides another round of fruitful event for the students to learn from the masters. Truly a ‘Masters Train Masters’ learning opportunity!