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Creating cosy living spaces with Osim uSoffa Runway
Updated 2012-12-31
Participants posed with the Head of Interior Design Department, Dr. Eric Leong. The 6 winners (L-R) Cammy, Siok Kim, Viinc, Jeremy, Shawn and Yong Keat are featured in the right.

Interior Design students from The One Academy were invited by Osim to design living spaces featuring uSoffa Runway, as a way to testify that this newly-launched fashionable massage sofa satisfies all needs and is suitable for all environments.

To incorporate well-being and fashion into everyday life, massage chair manufacturer Osim collaborated with The One Academy to produce some interior design rendering where Osim’s latest product, the chic and innovative uSoffa Runway could blend in comfortably. A contest was thus held, with the aim to publicise the fact that uSoffa Runway is suitable for any kind of space and interior design concept.

Inspired by the pursuit of beauty and style, the uSoffa Runway features zero-gravity position and smart space-saver functions, thus adds a dash of contemporary style and colours into living spaces. Ten Interior Design students from The One Academy have designed living spaces with a uSoffa Runway within, be it living room, bedroom or reading corner. Six shortlisted participants will see their designs featured in the product catalogue.

Of the six winners, three placed the uSoffa Runway in living rooms. Cammy Aw Wan Zhing proposed a rendering with vintage feel, featuring vintage photos and wallpaper. Another participant, Ling Siok Kim dedicated the sofa to a retro setting, where curvy furniture and striking colours capture the imagination of many. For Viinc Yew Kai Leong, the sofa was best located in an attic with New York Loft flavour, where raw but modern decoration is part and parcel of the room.

As for the other three participants, bedroom was the ideal space for uSoffa, since that is where people spent hours to relax everyday. Jeremy Yoong Jeng Yih apportioned part of the bedroom to create a reading corner, with a bright red uSoffa as the mainstay, illuminated by skylight. Jeremy chose red because for him, the sofa should be the focus in the design. Similarly, Cheah Yong Keat decided to go with the modern classic style, with cohesive colour scheme to create a cheerful ambience. As for Shawn Woon Tze Hang, dark glamour was the style of his choice, since he opined that a smooth modern luxury feel resonates with many young adults nowadays.

Unlike college assignments that were mainly conceptual, this contest required a more practical design. However, with the industry-driven syllabus taught in The One Academy, and the practical coaching approach practiced by its academic staffs, the students have overcome the challenges amicably. With green and ecological friendly designs getting trendier, The One Academy students strive to improve their artwork by constantly updating own capabilities, and researching into the needs of end users. This undoubtedly highlights the effectiveness of The One Academy’s prominent teaching philosophy – “Masters Train Masters”.