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Zooming into a Creative World of Green & Safety
Updated 2012-12-31

Students were inspired by expert Olivier Delhomme as he shared an informative topic about being environmentally friendly with sustainable materials. His insightful sharing also includes different types of fabrics produced by FR-ONE, which focusses on fire retardant fabrics.

Olivier spoke about the advantages of the unique fabric especially if it is utilized for home furnishing purposes. He emphasized that this could help lessen the damage and losses, and can even prevent fire altogether.

As this talk was mostly catered to the field of interior design and architecture, the interior design students found Olivier’s sharing informative, especially in helping them understand the advantages of using eco-friendly materials that are safe to the environment. Students also learn to understand the importance of furnishing fabric that is flame retardant according to national regulations, and to know which country have no established regulations.

Olivier Delhomme is the principal of FR-ONE whom often conduct informative sharing about the qualities of fire retardant fabrics for interior design, mostly to audience of architects, interior designers, Fire Brigade members and Ministry of Development representatives. He also introduced the different types of fabrics produced by FR-ONE which mostly focusses on producing fire retardant fabrics.

Finally, Olivier ended his sharing by showing students different types of interesting hotels with unique architecture designs established all over the world.

Besides learning how to be innovative and have good design sense, it is also important for students to develop further knowledge about various materials, its purpose and quality. It is not just to create for design satisfaction, but to understand the practical side of being innovative to produce an effective product.

To expand students’ mentality and creativity, The One Academy prioritizes in engaging with industry professionals like Olivier Delhomme who is able to provide students the fine lines of interior design.