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Let's Be Brave and Crazy, Let's Create Ideas!
Updated 2011-08-04
The man who was from a policeman, a florist, a petrol kiosk attendant, to a photographer's assistant and then an accountant; today, he is CREATIVE JUICE-SIL's most loved Creative Director - Sa'ad Hussein.

Recently invited guest speaker, Sa'ad Hussein tickled the students friendly with his enlightening speech about 'being brave' in the world of advertising. Entitled 'BE BRAVE', Sa'ad began that the sharing will not be about creative ideas, but about being brave in an advertising agency.

He said, "Advertising is a long journey; It isn't easy but hard work brings results. One thing workable for sure is being brave with your clients to sell your ideas and breaking through your client's mindset." His friendly and humble personality when connecting with the audience attracted the students' attention that enjoyed his sharing very much.

Part of the session was spiced up by Sa'ad when he encouraged the students to think of the bravest thing that they’ve ever done as he will reward them for their participation when they were called out to share. He included that this is a fun way to learn how to convince and sell an idea.

Sa'ad's insightful sharing taught what a young graduate would need to know to survive in the advertising world. Besides taking risks and coming out of our comfort zone, being different, crazy, weird is part of being brave. The notion is to be fearless & innovative as this will lead to creating an impact thus becoming the 'talkability' while being remembered. Sa'ad showed examples of Thai commercials that were out of the ordinary and said that, to create a winning idea is to build a relationship between your commercial & your viewers. He mentioned that ideas are very important and it is good to generate as much ideas as possible to produce the BEST idea.

In the other half of the session, some of the students were called out to share about their bravest action as requested in the beginning of the sharing. Sa'ad gave out a specially designed premium T-Shirt as a reward for the students' participation effort. He continued to emphasize on another tip about being brave which is 'breaking the rules'. However, this doesn't mean being unlawful, but breaking the rules of a stereotypical mindset. He elaborated that to break the "rules", you must first understand the gameplay first. This profound mindset enables you to think-out-of-the-box and having an open mind when making mistakes.

Lastly, Sa'ad reminded The One Academy Advertising & Graphic Design students to be positive in all their actions and even if they make mistakes, stay positive as making mistakes does not mean failure. It means it is another chance life has given to us to keep on learning and growing. Hence, never give up or question your own ability but give yourself a chance to prove yourself. The One Academy students laughed and cheered in agreement to his statement; certainly motivated them into being much more positive. As the session ended, it was written all over The One Academy students faces that they were enlightened by the insightful advertising sharing by Sa'ad Hussein.