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Renowned Theme Park Rewards Young Creative Minds
Updated 2011-04-18
Sunway Lagoon and The One Academy came together with one similar aim; to encourage young creative talents and to take on young ideas with the Sunway Lagoon Main Entrance Design Competition to revamp the theme park's main entrance complementing its tagline 'Come Feel the Fun'.

Present was Aaron Soo - Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Lagoon and Tatsun Hoi - Principal & Managing Director of The One Academy to reward the winners. The grand prize winners are a group of three who are final year students of Advertising and Graphic Design course - Chua Vui Chuan, Lim Jun Yuen and Sha Yee Jin who won a whopping total of RM10, 000 a chance for their design to replace the current design of Sunway Lagoon's main entrance.

"The design was created on the objective of attracting visitors of all ages using the key elements of Sunway Lagoon such as their slides, water waves, roller coaster, the famous bridge that connects two towers and vibrant colours! Our research helped a lot when we actually visited the theme park to feel the fun and to gain inspiration from their main attractions," said Chua on their grand prize design entitled 'Out of the Blue'. Other winners consist of; Lee Pei Ying first runner up for her design named 'Game Concept', second runner up was Tai Chin Wei with an African inspired design and Special Merit to Loh Chen Guang for his Egyptian theme.

"I am truly very proud of the students present here today as I am glad to see them accept their awards for their creative effort that they have put in. I can foresee that these students are potential world-class designers in the near future and they would be the frontier of the creative art & design industry," expressed the academy's Principal. "The One Academy is the No.1 because it is proven that they have the best and they produce the best! No doubt at all!" said Soo.

The participants' hard work paid off as it certainly wasn't easy during the process because it was not only time & patience that was invested, but some of the participants actually took the initiative to pick up extra knowledge or refresh what they've learned before just to execute their design according to how it was planned. "Some parts of the design require certain knowledge and skill such as 3D rendering and such. Thankfully, we have learned this previously in our college days at the academy that we get the chance to practise and apply it once again to our benefits," claimed Lee Pei Ying & Loh Chen Guang.

Soo emphasized that an idea must carry a world class experience and environment, therefore, research as Tai Chin Wei has stated, "Before I thought of the African themed idea, I invested time to research the essence of Sunway Lagoon and noticed the elements are unique cultural and exotic elements with earthly colours. Thus, I incorporated a similar concept using African designs with its traditional art, musical instruments and exotic masks. It provided a sense of modern and cultural artistry."

The One Academy always provide practical coaching approach opportunities and industry driven syllabuses to encourage each and every student to step up and move forward in line as young creative experts. "We are extremely thankful for such experience lecturers and interesting assignments even though it comes with tight deadlines. If it wasn't for the professional lecturers to teach with their known experience and deadlines to meet, we would not be able to have the chance to practise," claimed the grand prize winners in unison. Once again, The One Academy students proved astounding results!