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Understanding of Swiss Culture Wins Students Prestigious Awards
Updated 2013-12-09

With awesome paper artworks, 6 The One Academy students have grabbed the top three prizes in the art competition 'Crossover', held in conjunction with Swiss Week 2013 by the Embassy of Switzerland!

Trained under The One Academy’s industry-driven syllabus and practical training approach, Advertising and Graphic Design students Tan Zhi Lei, Hew Hui Lee and Aaron Lee Tian Minn emerged as Champion with their marvellous artwork The Swiss Shield, Alyson Lai who created the manificient artwork A Safe Haven was named the Runner-up, while Gaby Hung Xin Ying & Chok An Gie won the third prize with their brilliant artwork Moo the Woo.

Besides watches, beautiful Alpine scenery, orderly urbanscape and efficient public transport, Switzerland is well-known for her sophisticated technology, the respect for human rights and the civic-mindedness of her people. The competition was aimed at deepening Malaysians' appreciation of the unique culture, geography and history of Switzerland, where participants manifest their understanding of Switzerland through delicate paper art.

From the understanding of Tan Zhi Lei, Hew Hui Lee and Aaron Lee, there are four things that defined Switzerland, namely the dairy products, scenery, architecture and scientific research. In their artwork, The Swiss Shield, each of the characteristics was represented by cheese, the mighty Alps, the buildings and mechanical gears respectively.

On the other hand, runner-up Alyson Lai based her design A Safe Haven on the Swiss national flag, with colours in the lower half reversed, hence turned into the flag of the International Red Cross Society. The upper half is detailed with snow-capped mountains and scenery, the usual impression people around the world have on Switzerland.

The lower portion highlights something many tend to overlook - the fact that Switzerland has been a safe haven for refugees running away from turmoil and persecution during the world wars, offering safety and protection during trying times. It is noteworthy that Red Cross, a leading international relief charity whose mission is to protect human life and health, was founded in Geneva, Switzerland too.

Whereas for Gaby Hung and Chok An Gie, the creators of Moo the Woo, they wished to emphasis on the dairy industry of Switzerland. Since they found that Swiss people are highly committed to recycling, they produced a paper wrap cow using recycled paper. Meanwhile, the blue in different shades symbolised the natural beauty of Switzerland.

Equipping oneself with adequate knowledge was the prerequisite to emerge as winners. Through the design process, the participants read widely and deepened their understanding on this landlocked mountainous state. This certainly pinpointed the importance of out-of-classroom learning experience under The One Academy's Masters Train Masters philosophy.