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Judges Impressed by ESMOD KL Fashion Designers
Updated 2017-11-03

Bold and bright collections were presented by ESMOD Kuala Lumpur fashion design Year 3 Sem 2 students during Jury Week. Each design, representing different styles, personalities, colours and patterns, were evaluated by a panel of judges including celebrity guest lecturer Eric Choong (luxurious bridalwear designer).

Enter the Year 3 Jury Week exhibition classroom and you’d see various booths being set up to allow effective interaction between visitors and the fashion design students. Standing next to each of the booths is a model donning their creation, something the students have toiled for the whole semester.

On the morning of the Year 3 Jury Week, a crowd began to gather. Guests, including Malaysian celebrity fashion designers, Moto Guo and Keith Kee, poured into the classroom and visited each booth to scrutinise all masterpiece. Every seam, every stitch, every fold, every material, every pattern that were essential design elements did not miss their professional eyes. They gave students an elaborate critical evaluation, discussing the intricate process undergone and how to further improve both the process and the final outcome of their masterpieces.

Following that, the students gave a formal introduction of their designs. After their hired model catwalked into the room with their garment, they began to explain their creation in meticulous detail from the derivation of their inspiration, choice of materials and designing process to sketches and its final masterpieces. Based on their presentation, the visitors and invited guests learnt that, at present, there were seven different collections—Wayang, Expected, Lost in Time, Winshean DἐFILἐ, Willim, That Girl and ZIXN—which captured the identities and aspirations of all designers.

The Jury Week is part of ESMOD International’s fashion design syllabus that has proved to provide an invaluable learning experience for all ESMOD International fashion design students. The periodically held formal evaluation and critique sessions are part of the unique ESMOD International fashion design syllabus, a tradition that strengthens students’ existing work while learning to work on par with the industry’s standard.

Besides raising the standards of ESMOD International fashion design students globally, the Jury Week allowed students to meet experienced fashion designers who readily impart their knowledge and experience to the students.

Well done to all ESMOD Kuala Lumpur fashion students from Batch FD1409! We are proud of what you’ve achieved.

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