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A Fashion Flagship Like No Other
Updated 2018-01-29
Gateway into the art and fashion haven.

With the help of four talented ESMOD KL graduates, a boutique specialising primarily in footwear and other kinds of accessories such as bags, jewelries, sunglasses and bracelets, Tomorrow Showtime, launched its first flagship store in Golden Triangle’s Berjaya Times Square.

From left: Abigail Leong Phui Hong, Chong Shin Yee, Ryan Alexander Tan Shaur-An and Daren Yeap Li Hao. These ESMOD KL graduates ventures into one-of-a-kind fashion flagship store.

Within a short time limit and being in-charge of creative directing, marketing and public relations, the graduates have helped conceptualise and set-up the 14,000 sq. ft. space. Equipped with numerous exhibitions, art installations and artworks, the great ideas and execution by ESMOD graduates in collaboration with other young artists establish itself as the champion in creative fashion retail.

Not Your Typical Boutique

Besides its noticeable size, the boutique’s setting resembles an art gallery complete with picturesque backgrounds, beautiful displays, themed sections and giant art installations and art pieces all throughout the store that showcase the creativity of the fresh fashion design graduates and young artists.

Tomorrowland – Main concept and design by Chong Shin Yee. A whimsical space to remind customers of their childhood fantasies.

3D Mood Boards displayed in the flagship store, main concept and design by Chong Shin Yee and Ryan Alexander.

Art on Canvas: “Inspired by our shoe collection, we combined the elements of white color with flowers, branches and human hands to say that humans and nature belong together.” – Daren Yeap.

Furthermore, retail fashion stores would usually sell a specific range or style like casual or formal-wear, for example. But Tomorrow Showtime caters to everyone and any occasion through its different themes of casual, street style, party and office. This is to establish an understanding with customers, letting them know that this store has everything they want and need.

Humans of Tomorrow

According to Abigail Leong, ‘Tomorrow’ represents a new day or hope, and therefore the store is a new platform for young artists to be able to showcase their work. Those who share this vision and spreads this message are called ‘Humans of Tomorrow’, including the ESMOD graduates themselves. It is their biggest vision to encourage different artists and the younger generations to put their work out there because not many of them get the chance to do so.

With their goal to encourage everyone to chase their dreams, they are also including the disabled minorities of society who face discrimination and are often cast away from opportunities. To date, they have collaborated with Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Terencat and Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled Selangor & Federal Territory.

They have also approached artists from all around the world who share their same vision to collaborate in their shoe wear design projects.

Yet another aspect that makes Tomorrow stand out from the others is their main theme. ‘Couture is You’ or C-I-Y is a message that empowers the generations to create their own trend by designing their own shoes and wearing anything that suits their personality.

With ‘Couture is You’, you can be your own trend leader.

Without any discrimination, customers will be able to design freely and dress as they want. This can be achieved at the CIY counter bar, which is the first of its kind, where customers can design their chosen shoes creatively using exclusive accessories such as pins and wings. CIY specialists will also be available to help customise customers’ shoes and unleash their style.

The majestic-looking CIY counter bar.


Looking back at their background, they have always been nurtured and trained to thrive through challenges and succeed. In ESMOD KL, students not only learn about design and fashion, but also how to manage their time and working under pressure, among many other important life skills.

“Our lecturers actually push us a lot, which is something good because if we are in a comfort zone, we will never learn and be able to adapt to the working life,” Abigail said.

The fashion design and pattern making school provides them with an experience similar to the working industry to prepare industry competent and well trained designers. This allows them to adopt very positive attitude and work ethics despite given a very tight deadline to set up the store.

“When we were preparing for Tomorrow, we knew that we don’t have enough time, but we tell ourselves we can do this because we were channeling the ESMOD spirit,” she added.

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