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The Way of the Runway with Emporio Armani Designer Rima Kazumyan
Updated 2021-06-15

Taking the reins of the fashion segment in the Virtual International Design & Creative Masterclass was Rima Kazumyan, a Senior Fashion Designer in the style office of Emporio Armani, Milan, Italy. With an extensive working experience of 13 years with the world-famous brand, the Armenian designer is the force behind its ready-to-wear menswear collection. Having found an affinity with fashion at the young age of 11 and was brought to attend sewing and pattern making classes by her grandmother, she understood the importance of acquiring those skills as she grew up and became a fashion designer.

A session curated for those who interested in learning the process of clothesmaking, what a fashion designer’s life is like, fashion trends and how collections are made, Rima shared her experience as a designer to show how young fashion designers and those aspiring to be one, can find their path in the fashion design world. She explained on the process of how designers create clothes, source for ideas and inspirations, create mood boards and pick colours and fabrics.

“A very important part of your education is to study design by yourself. The value of a designer lies in his or her originality and individuality,” she said, recommending those interested in fashion to learn a bit about sewing, pattern making and embroidery as well. She also recommends fashion designers to try designing for different market sectors such as womenswear, menswear, sportswear, childrenswear and accessories until they find what resonates with them.

“Art, photography, history, music, architecture, drawing, sewing – it’s important to have exposure to many different arts as these experiences will help a lot in your designing process,” told Rima, who urged learners to explore and engage in their interests as much as they possibly can.

She also emphasised on the importance of creating mood boards to focus visual ideas and organise one’s thoughts. Multiple boards can be created, for fabrics, textures, colours, style references, accessories and so on. She suggested to take pictures wherever they go and use those to inject a piece of their personal life into their designs.

With the pandemic that restricts crowd gatherings, many fashion shows and brands have innovated to digital fashion shows. She showed the audience an awe-inspiring video reel of Emporio Armani’s Building Dialogues Spring/Summer 2021 Collection.

“Your goal at the beginning of your career is to gain as much experience as you can. Ask questions, reach out to collaborators and seek out mentors. Look for internships to get closer to the products you want to create and the customers you hope to serve. If you surround yourself with people who share your excitement and drive, you will push each other to create better products,” advised Rima to the young and upcoming fashion designers.

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