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idS Boot Camp 2011 rewards student Best Female Camper
Updated 2011-10-06
The idS Boot Camp wasn't just about getting in touch with creative interior design students but to unfold their ability in leadership, team-building, interpersonal communication and creative thinking; almost as if to give them a taste on how it feels like in the work force.

Organised by idS Magazine event department, the camp was held for 2 days at The One Academy with interesting itinerary scheduled for The One Academy students to partake passionately together with other college students. It was a way to tap into the younger generations’ minds of the vast interior design and architectural industry while the students learn how to work in teams for their final presentation as part of their assessment. The assessment was included for students to reapply the knowledge they have gained over the two intensive days.

Students were evaluated and rewarded for their team effort, characteristics and performance during the award ceremony at the end of day two. Individual students who set a good example like Amanda Chai Min Tian was awarded the Best Female Camper for being the most active participant & well-led leader of the camp. Amanda is already known as an efficient interior design student at the academy. As for the group participation, the 'Best Team Performance' title was presented to Amanda and her group members; Ong Jovie, Bong Kei Man, Low Zhy Xin, Tan See Yeng & Chew Wen Jun for their well-coordinated team effort during their presentation.

The One Academy often gives students the chance to participate in competitions, workshops & seminars by guest speakers from the industry. More often, The One Academy has always emphasized on the importance of producing good ideas thru observation and research. "Passion in a designer is a must; especially in appreciating other designers’ work. The idea is to set an intention because it determines your path to a successful career," said Amanda about being industry-driven; an advise to other fellow students.