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Deep Insight Advertising
Updated 2010-09-21
It was another invaluable opportunity for TOA students, because an intelligent man from Leo Burnett gave sharing on advertising. Creative Director, Tan Yew Leong stood in front of the academy's Advertising & Graphic Design students with a warm smile & charisma that drew every student's attention in the hall.

He began "There are only two things that I would like to talk about; the humankind scale of advertising and the truth about advertising." Silenced by his spontaneity, they listened eagerly for him to begin his 'humankind scale' sharing of the day. On the slideshow, Tan presented the humankind scale that came with descriptions such as, changes the world, changes the way people live, understanding brand purpose and more; which all described the effects of an ad campaign. Each description was rated with the number 10 to 1. Tan explained that an ad should be able to change the way humans think and feel. As Tan explained, students grasped his concept and took notes to improve themselves.

Tan highlighted the common challenges that are usually faced in the advertising industry. He talked about how it is usually tough to keep up with clients' demands & requirements. "We must remember to educate our clients to take a little risk, and sometimes try new things to create great effective ads!" he said; students agreed and were tickled by his honesty. Not to forget, he lay out the different perspectives on what makes an incredible ad campaign for students to analyze.

Along the way, he emphasized on how an ad should meet its brand purpose and showed examples of commercials, such as Dutch Lady's Yes! Campaign for children and much more to elaborate his statement; the campaign's theme was 'Yes! For the right to play!' that came with the children’s right to play while acknowledging their hectic routine. The idea consists of online game play, interactive games and so on. Tan explained that the campaign was a human centered idea to transcend the way people think and act; which in this case, the objective was for parents and children to bond. He also showed other qualifying commercials for established companies such as Petronas and also an award-winning ad on interracial marriage, love and family by the late Yasmin Ahmad; students were moved and quickly jot down to incorporate brilliant ideas in future.

Before Tan ended, he added his second sharing on the point-blank truth about the advertising industry. "Qualification & excellent portfolio is very important in this challenging field. At least a degree and experience," said Tan, and went on that one should also have talent, communication skills and great attitude to make advertising their profession. The One Academy students who're exposed to this sharing should develop a reflective habit upon creating a distinguish ad campaign that is effective. Definitely, a purpose that The One Academy wished to achieve for every educational sharing it organized for the students.