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TOA Platinum Achiever Award
Updated 2010-12-14
The 5th biennial Platinum Achiever Award 2010 held at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel & Spa saw 12 prominent alumni from The One Academy received recognition awards in a prestigious commemoration that celebrates the eminent career that they have successfully seized today.

Held every two years in conjunction with the graduation ceremony, the grand Platinum Achiever Award gave deserving honour to the hard work that the alumni have persevered and celebrated their recognition in showcasing talents and advancement in personal development.

As for the graduation ceremony for batch 75 & 78 students, graduates were presented academic scrolls for having successfully graduated from their respective discipline. There is also a prize presentation for student winners who participated in designing competitions around the country and won numerous industry accolades for their outstanding work.

"Graduations are meant to recollect memories of happiness, joy, sadness as well as challenges experienced as a student. These memories and life lessons are gifts that you will treasure along your creative journey," The One Academy principal Tatsun Hoi said in his opening speech at the graduation ceremony, congratulating the students upon their successful graduation.

During the award-giving ceremony, The One Academy principal Tatsun Hoi handed the noble award to each Platinum Achiever called out on stage. A sophisticated slideshow was put on to showcase the audience their successful creations while the emcee of the night announced their profiles. The slideshow contained artistic black & white styled photographs of each Platinum Achiever and their renowned works that 'wowed' the audience.

Those who are currently serving international-based agencies are Ng Chun Seong from Los Angeles CG studio, Hydraulx who had contributed his skills as a Modeller in Hollywood's hit productions like James Cameron's Avatar, 2012, Alien vs Predator: Requiem, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and many more and was also a part of the special effects team that won Oscar recognition for best achievement in visual effects for the award-winning The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Tan Bee Jin, also from Los Angeles as a Compositor & Motion Graphic Artist for blockbusters such as Fantastic Four II: Silver Surfer, Ironman, Pirates of the Caribbean and more; Yap Hon Wui as Digital Asset Lead (Modelling Lead) in Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Singapore, for films such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Sia Nyuk Fung, an experienced Level Artist in UBISOFT, Singapore for big gaming projects such as Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia.

Platinum Achievers who are making names in the local scene are Alvin Seah, Creative Director of Eyebelieve Sdn. Bhd. for big-budgeted TVC ads such as Maxis, Hotlink, National Geographic: Monster Moves - Mega Thursday, among others; Fine Arts Artist Gan Chin Lee, also a Senior Lecturer at The One Academy received a recognition for his awards such as the Malaysia Emerging Artist (MEA) Award, the 14th Da Dun Fine Arts exhibition, Taiwan - the honourable mention award, Care for Humanity Competition of Federal Territory Hainan Association, Malaysia and more; Harrell Erik Wong, Managing Director for Highend FX Sdn.Bhd. that created 4D visualization architecture designs and photorealism for renowned companies and is currently a Senior Lecturer as well for the academy's interior design 4D Visualization in Architecture Design course; Matthew James La Brooy, the youngest achiever who is now serving Rhythm & Hues Studios as a Lead Matchmove Technical Director in movies such as Marmaduke and Alvin & the Chipmunks; also Marcus Chew, now a Product Manager for company Tohtonku- handling Nano White, a prominent beauty product’s identity through annual campaigns; Ng Aik Sern, Director of digital animation company Passion Republic and was included in awards from MSC Malaysia Kea8tif Industry award and Los Angeles International Film Festival 2010 and finally Wong Woon Kian, Art Director of Leo Burnett for well-known prominent TVC ads and prints such as Petronas's heartwarming Chinese New Year 2008 & 2010 and Selamat Hari Raya 2008 as well as the recent Earth Hour and a popular slimming ad, DR.NANO.

These Platinum Award Achievers have been recognized for their successful achievement in the top-grossing industry. Not only they are achievers from The One Academy, but they have become prominent role models as well for the younger generation to rise to the top to become the next leading creative leaders in the world. Congratulations!