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Mickey Mania – Exhibition of Styles
Updated 2012-06-08

When was the last time you heard Mickey Mouse changes his costumes? Well, everybody’s favorite cartoon character is now getting a makeover by The One Academy students in paying tribute to the ever cheerful icon that brought joy and laughter to kids as well as grown-ups around the world.

The launch of Mickey Mouse Through The Years art appreciation day at Mid Valley Megamall on 25th May saw showcase of immensely creative 3D figurines produced by participants from all walks of life. The exhibition that will last till 17th September has attracted an overwhelming response of crowds across ages.

Taking part in such exhibition provides opportunity for students to evoke inner creativity within them as participants are required to think of new ideas on how to transform a blank 3D figurine into a unique piece of artwork. The One Academy students came up with the concept of The Transformation of Mickey, showing how Mickey’s image and styles transcend in different period of time i.e. Stone Age, Roman Era, Renaissance and Futuristic.

Each figurine is highlighted with features that will help distinguish students’ artwork from the rest. In the case of Futuristic themed figurine, Mickey’s look is revolutionized with cutting edge features e.g. 3D vision/binocular function on his eyes and a pair of amplifier ears. The 3D vision/binocular function gives Mickey capability to view far distance objects while amplifier ears enable him to detect and hear sound from across the universe!

Creative artwork is rarely done by one person alone; team work spirit must be established in order to formulate thus synthesize ideas. “Participating in the exhibition gave me a good opportunity to learn as well as working closely as a team with my lecturer till midnight for the installation of figurine at Mid Valley,” commented by 1st year advertising & graphic design student Tan Pooi Ling.

Involving in such exhibition also presented a challenge for both lecturers and students to collate, filter thus decides on ideas that best suit the team’s concept when creating final ‘look’ of the figurines. “Taking part in this exhibition motivates me to carry out research and explore more ways to come up with innovative ideas,” added by 1st year advertising & graphic design student Kathrin Honesta.

Furthermore, advertising & graphic design students who took part in the exhibition include Chok Kok Ming, Julia Hannie, Chanella Audy as well as their lecturer Laon Miao Sum. Apart from encouraging participation and inspiring creativity of young talents, proceeds from the sale of Mickey Mouse themed merchandises will also be donated to Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia (PSDM). Before the launching ceremony ends, token of appreciation was presented by Mid Valley Megamall’s Executive Director - Daniel Yong to The One Academy’s senior lecturer, Foo Chow Ping.