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Managing Your Finance

Managing Your Finance

Living Expenses

Living expenses vary according to individual lifestyles. The amounts estimated below are average figures of the monthly and annual expenses an international student may incur in Malaysia.

Expenses Monthly(RM) Yearly(RM)
Deposit per person on a rented room (2 months rent- two to a room) --- 1,000
Other initial expenses (utilities) --- 500
Rent per room (two to a room) 500 6,000
Food 500 6,000
Transport 150 1,800
Books / Stationery / Equipment 400 4,800
Entertainment / Recreation 250 3,000

*Rate will be reviewed from time- to- time and is subject to change.


Banking Facilities

Most banks operate on Mondays – Fridays from 10.00am to 3.00pm, and on the. However, most banks would have 7.00am - 11.59pm tele-banking systems apart from Internet banking.

Major Local Banks

The major local banks in Malaysia are:

  • Malayan Banking Bhd (MBB)
  • CIMB Bank
  • Public Bank Bhd (PBB)
  • Hong Leong Bank (HLB)
  • Standard Chartered Bank

Opening A Bank Account

You should open a bank account as soon as possible after your arrival.

Remember to bring along your passport, RM500 cash and a letter from the academy to certify that you are a student of The One Academy.

Cash Cards

A cash card (ATM card) enables you to withdraw cash from Cash-on-Line Automated Teller Machines. Access to your account is with your Personal Identification Number (PIN number).

Do not let others know your PIN number and do not allow others to withdraw money from your account on your behalf.

If you lose your card, call the respective bank immediately:

AmBank ( +603 2178 8888
Bank Islam ( +603 2088 8000
CIMB Bank ( 1 300 880 900
Hong Leong Bank ( +603 7626 8899
Maybank ( 1 800 88 6688
Affin Bank ( +603 5522 3000
Public Bank ( +603 2179 5000
RHB Bank ( +603 9206 8118

If you still have doubts about the banking system or the location of the banks in Malaysia, kindly seek assistance from our Student Services Department.