The One Academy has received great testimonials and acknowledgment of our art and design education over the years of collaborating with international industry experts. Here's what they have to say.

The passion, dedication and talents of both the students and the instructors at The One Academy have always impressed me.

Shawn Kelly
Lead Animator of Star Wars I & II, Transformers I, II & III

It just seemed like The One Academy had the passion for animation and the highest level of artistry, and those are the types of people I want to work with.

Andrew Gordon
Former Animator at Pixar
Animation Studios

I definitely love coming to The One Academy to teach. There’s a dedication to quality when it comes to the education here.

Kyle Balda
Film Director & Animator at Illumination Entertainment, Director of Minions

Many of the good candidates we met during our recruiting sessions were The One Academy graduates. We were impressed! And as we continue to recruit more young graduates, we will of course pay much attention to The One Academy students.

Olivier de Rotalier
Former Managing Director of Ubisoft, World's Top Game Developer

Wow! That is the best I can summarize my experience here at The One Academy; all the people I have met, the passion from the students, the energy from all the teachers to bring the best to their students. I feel The One Academy is truly doing an amazing job to give the students what they need to successfully make their dreams come true.

Carlos Baena
Professional Animator at Pixar Animation Studios

The One Academy and us both share a very common philosophy about really nurturing artistic talents… and that combination of talent and skills is important to both of us.

Eric Riewer
Gobelins France, Oscar Award-Winning Animation Corporation

The One Academy really prepares students for the real world, and understand what it is like to work in a market place.

Mike L. Murphy
Animation Master of The Lord of the Rings

I think The One Academy is one of the most suitable and best academy so far that I can really explore and share heart to heart my experiences in this industry.

Eduardo Peña
The Hobbit 1, 2 & 3 Movie & Game Concept Artist

I am confident that The One Academy will be a leader in teaching and guiding creative young talents who are interested in a career in art and design, entertainment and the animation industry.

Doug Chiang
Vice President & Executive Creative Director of Lucasfilm, Oscar Award Winner for Best VFX, Film Production Design Master of Star Wars I & II

ESMOD’s method is more than 180 years old and as we have lots of branches in the world, we know that this method is really working with every foreign student.

Paul Marchand
ESMOD Paris Head of Fashion Design & Pedagogic International Coordinator, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur Fashion Design Course Director

Teaching here at The One Academy in Malaysia, and the students were great, we had a good time, the lectures went off well and I’ll come back again.

Paul Topolos
Matte Painter / Shader Painter at Pixar Animation Studios

What I see here, I see students that are eager, that want it, who are trying hard and that’s awesome.

John Nevarez
Visual Development & Story Artist at Warner Bros. Feature Animation

I really look forward to seeing some of the future graduates from The One Academy joining DreamWorks and other studios to bring an original quality and great standard of skill to the world of animation.

Shelley Page
Head of International Outreach at DreamWorks Animation