Here you'll find a handy checklist of the essential requirements when submitting an application as a Malaysian student.

Application Checklist

  • Please do not send cash for security reasons. The registration fee and tuition deposit must be received before your application will be processed.
  • If using telegraphic transfer/direct bank-in, you are reminded to attach the original payment transaction slip with the Application Form as proof of payment.
  • If your academic documents are in a language other than English/Bahasa Melayu, you must submit certified true copies of both the original documents and a literal translation.
  • For entry to Level 4, attach certified true copies of relevant Foundation qualifications and certificates
  • For entry to Level 5, attach certified true copies of relevant Diploma qualifications and certificates
  • Certified true copies of Course Syllabus/Subject Description
  • A folio of creative work to confirm that you have achieved the requisite learning outcomes (i.e. produce any artworks done in your previous recognised institution)