Here you'll find a handy checklist of the essential requirements when submitting an application as an International student.

Application Checklist

  • Please do not send cash for security reasons. The fee and deposit must be received before your application will be processed.
  • If using telegraphic transfer, you are reminded to attach the original copy of the deposit slip with the Application Form as proof of payment.
  • All documents in languages other than English and Bahasa Melayu must be translated and certified.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive our offer letter in 5 working days.
    If you are currently studying/have studied in Malaysia and have a student pass, the additional documents needed are:
  • An original release letter with attendance record issued by the former institution/international high school.
  • Original copy of the academic transcripts with information on the grading system from the last institution of study.
  • Original Copy of the school leaving/completion certificate (if you graduated from an international high school in Malaysia)
  • One (1) original copy of No Objection Certificate (NOC) (for applicants from Sudan)
  • One (1) original copy of an Eligibility Letter (for applicants from Iran)
  • Statutory Declaration confirming identity (for applicants with names spelt differently in official transcripts and documents)
  • For entry to Level 4, attach certified true copies of relevant Foundation qualifications and certificates
  • For entry to Level 5, attach certified true copies of relevant Diploma qualifications and certificates
  • Certified true copies of Course Syllabus/Subject Description
  • A folio of creative work to confirm that you have achieved the requisite learning outcomes (i.e. produce any artworks done in your previous recognised institution)


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At the International Student Department, students can receive assistance for services such as obtaining student pass/visa, airport arrival transportation for new students, accommodation at TOA, medical check-up upon arrival, insurance, banking and more.

For further enquiries, email to int.student@toa.edu.my or call 03-78755510 (ext. 135 / 137)

This process is explained in more detail in our Malaysian Immigration Section. In brief:

  • Student will need to submit all the documents to the application department of The One Academy.The documents that required will be as below:-
    • A photocopy of all pages of your passport
    • A copy of your photo (with white background)
    • Payment for Student Visa
    • Personal Bond deposit (According to the country)
    • Health Declaration Form
    • Academic results & transcripts
    • Letter of eligibility (only for Iran Country)
    • No Objection Certification (only for Sudan country).
  • Submit these documents to us. We will apply for your student pass prior to your entry. Once accepted, Immigration will release a Visa Approval Letter (E-VAL) and then you can make arrangements to enter Malaysia.
  • Application will take approximately 4-6 weeks.
  • Upon approval in Malaysia, you are required to do a medical checkup at our selected EMGS panel clinic and SSD staff will assist to bring the student for medical checkup.
  • Once you have done the medical check-up kindly submit your passport to the International Student Officer in order for immigration to do the student visa. This procedure takes approximately 2-6 weeks.
  • Our International Student Officer will inform you once the passport is ready for collection.

Your student pass / visa is only valid for 1 year. You are required to renew it annually throughout your course of study. (*subject to change by authorities.)

  • Student is required to submit soft copy of passport all pages and payment of RM 1,000.00 pay to the finance department 3 months before the student visa expiry date.
  • You are required to submit your passport to our International Students Department 1 month before the visa expiry date.
  • Student must ensure the CGPA should be more than 2.0 and attendance is above 80% otherwise the students visa application can be revoked by the authorities.
  • The renewal process will take approximately 1 to 2 months.
  • You will bear any overstaying penalty / compound.
  • Our International Student Officer will inform you once the passport is ready for collection.


Once your EVAL is been approved, SSD staff will notify you via email that your eVAL is ready and attached with the Airport Pickup Request form so that you can plan to travel to Malaysia.

You are required to complete the "Arrival to Malaysia Form" containing

Email to int.student@toa.edu.my at least 2 weeks before date of arrival.

  • Airport pickups only apply for first arrivals at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 1 /2/ Subang Jaya Airport)
  • Student will be send to Bandar Sunway area only.
  • You are required to inform our International Student Officer of any changes to your flight arrival information as soon as possible as the officer will need to make arrangements.


You are required to open a bank account in any one of the local banks to assist you in managing your funds. Payment of fees may be made through this facility via telegraphic transfer.

Telegraphic transfer details please refer to the respective branch: